Does The Dr. Squatch Soap Saver Actually Work? (A Review)

Over the last year, I’ve reviewed several of Dr. Squatch’s products on my blog, including their soaps, colognes, and deodorants. Although Dr. Squatch Soap smells great and is fantastic if left in a damp place like the shower or bathtub—like most soaps, it tends to become mushy quickly! So I’ve been keeping an eye on Dr. Squatch Soap Saver since I saw it on YouTube. I finally got my hands on one this week and was able to test it out.

dr squatch soap saver

Why do I need a soap saver anyway?

You may be thinking, “Yeah, why do I need a soap saver anyway? It’s just a little stool for my soap.” And you would be right — it definitely is that. But, it does so much more than that!

The soap saver prevents your soap from becoming soft and slimy in the shower or bathroom by draining off excess water after each use. This helps keep your bars dry so they last much longer than if you were just leaving them out in the open air. And because it drains off all that excess water, it also helps improve lather because there is less water to dilute it. That means more bubbles!

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And that’s not all. When it gets wet, your bar of soap will become slippery and difficult to hold onto. This means that you’ll have to use more effort to lather up all over your body—and chances are that more than half of each bar gets wasted in the process.

Many people also struggle to clean off soap scum from their bathtub or shower walls. By placing your soap in a soap saver, you can prevent this from happening.

Does it even work?

Yes, it does work! This thing extends the life of your soap by up to 2x as long, which means you’re getting more out of each bar before having to buy another one!

To keep the soap from getting soggy, place it on top of the saver after bathing. Then let the excess water drain off while keeping it at an angle (preferably 45 degrees). If you use multiple bars, use a Bigfoot Soap Saver or Shower Caddy they sell instead—they’re designed especially for that purpose!

Travelers especially love these things because they allow them to pack fewer bars, which saves them space and weight.

How’s the build quality?

Well, it’s pretty darn good. The soap saver is made from solid, reclaimed California Cedar and has a beautiful finish. The wood is polished with a blend of organic oils that helps keep the bar from sticking. It’s a little bit bigger than the Dr. Squatch bars—which are 3″ x 3″ x 1″— so it will fit most soap bars.

ridges on top of the wooden soap saver

The main thing I like about this product is the ridges on top, which provide plenty of air circulation around your soap. This allows for a nice dry soap for the next time you need it. The holes at the bottom of the soap saver ensure that water drains out more quickly; no more worrying about your soap getting soggy!

Plus, this soap saver has a cool Dr. Squatch logo carved into one of its sides, adding an extra decorative touch to your bathroom. If you are a Star Wars fan and also happen to like Darth Vader, then the soap saver is available in black!

Is this essential to a manly bathroom?

I’m not sure if I really need this or not, but it’s nice to have. It keeps the scum out of my shower without taking up any space—perfect for my bathroom!

But here’s the thing: $17 is too much money for a carved block of wood! There are cheaper ones out there that will do the same thing, and they look just as good as this one.

So if you’re looking for something to make your bathroom feel a little more manly, or if you just want an aesthetic element in there, then Dr. Squatch Soap Saver might be right up your alley!

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