Dr. Squatch’s Models: Who Are They and What Are Their Names?

We love Dr. Squatch’s soaps and deodorants, but we’re especially fond of their marketing strategy! Founded in 2013 by Jack Haldrup, the company has seen a lot of success recently, thanks to cleverly shot advertisements and attention-grabbing viral YouTube videos.

The company’s products are designed to be manly and the brand is known for its humorous take on male grooming. Their Super Bowl ad in 2021 titled “You’re not a dish, you’re a man” became an internet sensation and now we see Dr. Squatch everywhere!

In the past, they used to advertise only men. But now they include women in their advertisements as well, often featuring men and women together. This approach has helped the company to appeal to both sexes and it has allowed them to reach a wider audience.

With so much recent talk about Dr. Squatch, I thought it would be fun to look at some of the company’s models and the actors behind its success.

Credits: James Schrader

1. James Schrader

James Schrader is the face of Dr. Squatch’s commercials, and his comedic style has been a hit with viewers. His first commercial with Dr. Squatch was in 2018, and since then, he has appeared in several more commercials for the brand. He also played a major role in William Painter sunglasses’ advertising campaign.

2. Karol Priscilla

Karol Priscilla (Instagram: @karol_priscilla) is the girl in the YouTube ad that was released earlier this year. She’s a working model (and single mom) from San Diego who shares workouts and makeup tutorials on her channel as well as golfing videos on her personal Instagram account.

Credits: Karol Priscilla

You can check out Karol’s channel here.

3. Mike Langsdale

Mike Langsdale is an actor based out of San Diego, California. Since 2017, he has acted in over 40 commercials for Dr. Squatch including some special editions (such as The Batman Collection and Star Wars collections). In 2021, he appeared in their Super Bowl LV ad and was featured with James Schrader.

He has appeared in numerous other commercials, including a recent one by Caveman Foods.

4. Alyssa Beth

Alyssa Beth (Instagram: @alyssabethofficial) is the woman in Dr. Squatch’s recent Instagram ads—the one who has drawn the attention of Redditors, who have been trying to figure out who she is. Alyssa is a beauty and lifestyle vlogger who shares life experiences on YouTube.

Credits: Alyssa Beth

You can check out Alyssa’s vlogs here.

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