The 3 Best Persimmon Soaps I’ve Found To Effectively Combat Nonenal Odor (2024)

As we all journey through the inevitable process of aging, our bodies undergo significant changes, one of which is the distinct scent often associated with older individuals. This smell arises from a chemical compound known as nonenal. This compound starts developing in our bodies from around age 40 as a result of the skin’s weakening antioxidant defenses.

Contrary to regular body odor that’s easily removed with soap and water, nonenal’s unpleasant, greasy, and grassy scent sticks around a bit longer. It’s often difficult for us to detect on our own bodies, but it can leave a residue that transfers to clothes, making it more noticeable. Thankfully, I stumbled upon a rather effective solution in the form of persimmon-infused soaps.

Persimmon, a Japanese fruit, possesses a high tannin content. Tannins are recognized for their astringent and antioxidant qualities, making them valuable in cosmetics and skincare. Due to their ability to bind to skin proteins and potentially reduce sebum secretion, they’re used in combating nonenal production.

mirai clinical persimmon soap color and shape

There are several persimmon soaps on the market, but I found three that were especially effective. Here are my honest observations after personally using each one:

1. Mirai Clinical Persimmon Soap Bar

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I decided to try the full-sized version of this product, despite it being more expensive than most options. Its pleasing dark orange hue, akin to a bar of glycerin soap, and gentle yet noticeable scent were intriguing. Besides being suitable for various skin types (mature, oily, combination, dry, and sensitive), this soap bar can also be used on hair, thanks to its mild formulation.

I loved the luxurious lather and how it effortlessly left my skin and hair feeling soft and clean. The soap’s persimmon extract and antioxidant-rich Japanese green tea made me feel fresher for extended periods.

The effectiveness against nonenal odor was impressive. Though the smell didn’t disappear instantly, after a few washes, it was almost undetectable. Furthermore, it prevented the scent from transferring onto my clothes. I also noticed commendations from others who found it efficient in combating menopausal expanse. Even though I wish it were more affordable, I believe it’s worth every penny.

2. Pelican Soap Family Kakishibu Soap (Kopakku)

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At a glance, this soap is light orange, opaque, and has a somewhat woodsy scent that doesn’t linger post-shower. It’s smaller than a typical soap bar (about 3″ in length and 2″ in width), making it easy to handle. I noticed it did not leave any slimy soap residue, either on my skin or in the soap dish.

This soap produced an ample amount of lather and lasted longer than I initially expected. Surprisingly, this product did more than just reduce the nonenal odor; it also worked miracles for body and hair odors.

However, if you’re expecting a hydrating experience, you might want to keep in mind that it didn’t particularly moisturize. As I always apply lotion post-shower, this wasn’t an issue for me. Despite a few minor setbacks and its unusual scent, this soap is a cost-effective alternative worth considering when battling nonenal odors.

3. Natrulo Persimmon Soap Bar

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This soap bar was a delightful surprise. Despite its comparatively larger size, it had an effective formula that led to excellent results. It’s eco-friendly, arriving in minimalistic, plastic-free packaging, a detail that I surely appreciated.

The Natrulo Persimmon Soap Bar has a mild yet pleasant aroma, and it’s slippery when wet. Do be careful not to drop it! Its lather is remarkable, making for a satisfying showering experience. Further on the plus side, it worked excellently against body odors, particularly nonenal, on both me and my mother.

However, its lifespan was shorter than the others due to its quick-melting nature, which might make it more costly in the long run. Also, those with dry skin might find it a bit drying. But for me, it was just right, and it were worth the investment.

natrulo persimmon soap bar

In conclusion, dealing with nonenal can be challenging, but these soaps have proved effective in my personal experience. They clean and deodorize, leaving you feeling fresh and, importantly, nonealy free. Sure, they may have a few drawbacks, but the benefits they offer make them a worthy addition to anybody grappling with persistent nonenal odors.

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