The Complete Guide to Using Lavender Oil for Hair Growth

Both men and women suffer hair loss. It can be an embarrassing condition to have. Often hair transplants can be quite expensive, and wigs look too fake. It’s best to begin treating this condition with natural products to help restore hair growth.

lavender oil for hair

Lavender oil comes from a natural source that is beneficial in encouraging hair follicles to grow hair thicker and more quickly. Lavender oil has a pleasant floral scent, but it can be used for more than fragrance. It can also correct a condition that causes hair follicles to reject its hair as foreign objects, such as happens in balding men.

The oil has a variety of other purposes in beauty and healthcare, including being used as a natural moisturizer to soften hair and to decrease the look of split ends.

Lavender oil contains the vitamins and nutrients that your hair follicles need. The oil is light enough that it can penetrate down into your hair’s follicles rather than merely sitting on top of your hair.

The oil also works by stimulating circulation to the hair’s follicles. Eventually, your hair will start growing faster and thicker than before.

Recipe & Method for Hair Application

Lavender oil needs to be combined with other oils to make an effective hair mask to encourage hair growth. With the addition of two different essential oils added to the carrier oil, your hair can soon start growing faster.

Ingredients List for Lavender Oil Hair Mask

Gather together the following ingredients and supplies to make a simple lavender oil recipe. All essential oils in this recipe have therapeutic properties.

  • 4 drops of lavender essential oil.
  • 2 drops rosemary oil.
  • 2 drops thyme oil.
  • 4 tsp. jojoba oil—used as a carrier oil.
  • Small bowl and a metal spoon.

Method to Make Hair Oil

Measure out all ingredients into your small glass bowl. Then take your metal spoon and mix thoroughly.

Ensure you mix thoroughly, as the essential oils can give a burning feeling if they’re directly applied to the skin.

How to Apply Hair Oil

Once your hair oil has been mixed up, follow these steps for application.

  1. Unless you have a lot of free time in the morning, it may be best to do these steps at bedtime.
  2. Scoop up the lavender oil with your fingertips and apply it to your scalp.
  3. Try to avoid your hair and ends, focusing just on skin application.
  4. Once the oil has been evenly distributed over your scalp, place the towel on your head.
  5. Sit and relax for twenty minutes, allowing the essential oils to penetrate to all hair follicles.
  6. After twenty minutes, remove the towel.
  7. Rinse your hair under the tap.
  8. Let your hair air dry.
  9. Go to sleep.
  10. *Note* Your hair and scalp may feel a bit greasy.
  11. Let the oils continue to work overnight.
  12. In the morning you can wash your hair normally.
  13. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo first, but do not condition.
  14. Squeeze out most of the water and pat dry with a clean towel.
  15. Repeat the entire process once per day.
  16. It’s important to shampoo your hair once per day. Many people suffering hair loss make the mistake of shampooing their hair only once or twice a week.
  17. Shampooing your hair daily keeps your hair follicles clean and encourages them to return to a natural pH balance and proper hair growth.
  18. Shampooing daily will else ensure that your lavender oil mask can penetrate to your hair follicles, as they won’t be clogged up from dirt and debris.
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Best Way to Store Lavender Oil

The lavender essential oil should be sold in an amber-colored small glass bottle. If it’s not, it may be some diluted form of lavender oil. Read the label carefully.

  1. Check the expiry date first. If it’s close to today, use it up.
  2. Check that the cap is tightly twisted on. If not, it can cause the contents to evaporate or decay more quickly.
  3. Store your lavender oil in a dark cupboard away from heat and moisture.
  4. It’s tempting to store in the bathroom where you’ll mainly use it, but instead, place it in a closet cupboard.
  5. Some people like to store their essential oil bottles in a small plastic container, with a secure lid, to help them to last longer.

Precautions Before Using Lavender Oil

Even though lavender oil is one of the most gentle essential oils to use, and if you don’t dilute it with jojoba oil or another type of carrier oil, you’ll still want to follow some precautions before using it.

  1. Test the oil inside your wrist to be sure that you’re not allergic to it.
  2. If you get hives or a red rash at any time, discontinue usage.
  3. Lavender oil can affect hormone production, so you want to avoid using it if you’re pregnant.
  4. Do not ingest lavender oil. Use it only externally.
  5. Avoid getting the oil around your eyes, inside your ears, or your nostrils.
  6. For specific purposes, the oil should be diluted with a carrier oil, such as almond oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, etc.
  7. Do not use on children under 6.
  8. Always check the expiry date and discard it if it’s past that time.
  9. Keep the cap tightly closed and store in a dry and dark spot.
  10. Keep on a high shelf out of the reach of children or pets.
  11. Ensure you do your research before you mix lavender oil with other essential oils.
  12. Use lavender oil only for tested remedies for minor conditions. If you have a terrible health condition, seek the advice of your doctor.

Closing Thoughts

Studies have been done on lavender oil that has proven that it’s an effective hair tonic when used at least once per day for seven months.

If you think your hair has been thinning over the past several months, lavender oil can help to increase circulation to your scalp and speed up the production of hair growth. It can also help to make the hairs that grow in much thicker.

People who don’t suffer from hair loss can still benefit from the moisturizing and hydrating properties of lavender oil.

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