15 Things You Should Know Before Using Hair Dyes

Modern lifestyle and hectic surroundings have gifted us with the problem of “Premature Graying.” Its the melanocyte cells that produce melanin pigment, which gives black color to hair. When the number of melanocyte cells decreases or when their functioning suddenly retards, graying of hair occurs. So we use artificial hair dyes to get rid of this problem.

side effects of artificial hair dyes

We didn’t think about the problems and side effects while using hair dyes. But actually, it’s crucial to consider before using hair dyes. We buy hair dyes after verifying the brand name.

According to FPLA [Fair Packaging and Labeling Act], all the hair dye companies ought to show all the chemical ingredients present in the dyes. But today what happens is the companies hide most of the carcinogenic substances present in these dyes, which are very harmful to our hair.

Here are some notable things while choosing and using artificial hair dyes.

  1. Check the expiry date before choosing a hair dye.
  2. If the hair dye contains the chemical Paraphenylenediamine or PPD, it can cause a brain tumor.
  3. Take a patch test or skin contact allergy test before using a hair dye.
  4. Apply dye on your wrist or elbow to take the patch test.
  5. If the parts where you did the patch test had any itching or color change, don’t use that dye.
  6. Never use hair dyes to dye your eyebrows and eyelashes. You might even go blind.
  7. Mix the dye as per the prescription is given in the packet cover because if the proportion is not correct, the blackness of hair loses very quickly.
  8. Don’t massage dye vigorously. Otherwise, it may reach your scalp and causes itching problems.
  9. Don’t use hair dyes for a long time.
  10. Color hair once every four weeks.
  11. Keep in mind that most of the herbal hair dyes in the market are not herbal.
  12. Use gloves while mixing hair dyes.
  13. Use brushes to apply dye on hair.
  14. Rinse your scalp thoroughly with water after use.
  15. Keep hair dyes out of reach of children.

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