Top 30 Manuka Honey Benefits You Never Knew About

Manuka honey is produced by bees that pollinate the manuka bush. This type of bush is only present in New Zealand. The resulting honey not only can be used to treat wounds, but it can encourage the healing of hair, skin, and body.

manuka honey benefits

Manuka honey has natural antibacterial qualities and can repair tissue damage. Since it has so many antimicrobial properties, it can be sold to the consumer market in its raw form.

The main component of manuka honey that gives it healing antibiotic qualities is the high content of hydrogen peroxide. Another beneficial compound in honey is methylglyoxal (MG).

Manuka honey is rated on a UMF scale or Unique Manuka Factor. Depending on how it’s processed for distribution will depend on its quality. To buy therapeutic manuka honey, you should choose a minimum rating of 10 UMF. The honey may be consumed, or directly applied to the scalp, hair, skin, or body to experience its benefits.

If you wish to improve your health or your looks naturally, here are 30 reasons why manuka honey is your best choice.

1. Soothes common digestive upsets.

Manuka honey can be taken internally to soothe stomach upsets. Bacteria cause many stomach and intestinal disorders. The antibacterial properties in manuka honey will help to balance bacterial growth in the small intestine and help to reduce acid reflux by killing Clostridium difficile bacteria in the stomach which leads to the overproduction of stomach acid.

2. Treats bad acne skin conditions.

The antibiotic properties in the honey will work to reduce the bacteria that cause acne on the face and body. The easiest method is to apply a drop or two of honey on the pimples and wait for a few minutes. Then rinse it off. The honey can also be used all over the face and then rinsed off after 20 minutes. This works as a preventative to keep the face smooth and clear. A small drop of honey can also be applied to affected regions and left on overnight.

3. Reveals softer more youthful skin.

The honey can be used alone or in face masks at bedtime with essential oils. After 30 minutes, it can be rinsed off. A bit of brown sugar can be mixed in to increase its exfoliant properties to remove dead skin cells. A honey mask will help improve skin texture, making it look softer and more youthful.

4. Provides beneficial detoxing properties.

The honey can be melted in a hot cup of herbal tea. This is the simplest way to gain the benefits of a detox tea drink that can help increase the digestive function of the liver, stomach, and intestines so that toxins move through it much more quickly.

5. Use to treat minor burns, wounds, and scars.

The honey contains anti-inflammatory properties that can speed the healing of sores, cuts, burns, and wounds, and help scars to heal faster. Wounds would heal much faster than if they were left alone.

6. Use to prevent gum disease.

The antibiotic and antimicrobial properties of the honey will help to stop periodontal disease, including gingivitis. Surprisingly, allowing a small amount of honey to melt in the mouth can help to decrease plaque on the teeth, and help to reduce bleeding gums. The honey contains calcium, zinc, and phosphorus which are all beneficial nutrients.

7. Battles free radicals.

Free radicals are foreign toxins and substances that can affect your skin and your body. Manuka honey contains an antioxidant called pinocembrin. This helps your body to fight these foreign invaders and rapidly move them out of your body through waste. It can help you to look and act younger.

8. Mix with shampoo for softer hair.

The honey can be mixed with your regular shampoo to help remove environmental toxins and dirt and make it softer and more manageable to style. It will help to decrease frizzy hair.

9. Gain conditioning properties without silicones.

Do this treatment before you shampoo your hair. Add manuka honey to the same amount of olive oil and apply it to damp hair. Leave it on for 30 minutes, then wash it out with shampoo. It will leave hair feeling soft and silky.

10. Use for simple hair removal.

It’s simple to make a mixture for hair removal in replacement of store-bought wax strips. Boil 1 cup sugar with 1/3 cup honey, and one lemon. Soak 100% cotton strips in the mixture and apply them to your legs. Let them dry, then quickly pull them off. The hair will pull away and stick to the cloth strips. These can be washed and reused for later.

11. Prevents MRSA infections.

MRSA is a type of bacteria, also known as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, that can prevent the healing of wounds, cuts, and surgical scars. Researchers have found that an application of manuka honey can help to prevent MRSA from occurring in more extensive surgical wounds in the hospital, which helps to speed healing.

12. Use to encourage hair growth.

Many people suffer from thinning hair as they grow older or suffer from specific health conditions. Regular application of the honey to your shampoo will help to encourage lush, full hair.

13. Helps to increase sleep.

Consuming a spoonful of honey before bedtime can help to promote restful sleep. The honey helps to balance sugar levels in your blood and will slowly release glycogen that’s needed to maintain bodily functions during sleep. It also helps to release melatonin in your brain, which is essential for a good night’s sleep.

14. All-in-one supplement.

Instead of taking vitamin pills or capsules that are filled with artificial ingredients, a spoonful of manuka honey will provide many essential vitamins and minerals to your body. These include all the B vitamins, copper, iron, calcium, zinc, sodium, manganese, phosphorus, and copper.

15. Helps to prevent cold and flu bugs.

The honey can help the body’s immune system to fight off lousy flu bugs and cold viruses. The manuka honey can stimulate the production of cytokine, which is essential for monocytes, the cells responsible for proper immune function. The honey can also stop the growth of strep bacteria, a common bacteria that can lead to terrible throat infections.

16. Pleasant cure for dandruff.

Instead of using anti-dandruff shampoos that smell bad, pour a small amount of the honey in with liquid Castile soap and use that to wash your hair. The antimicrobial properties in the manuka honey will help to stop the fungus that causes dandruff. The honey also provides soothing and healing properties to prevent the itchiness from this scalp condition.

17. Use as a post-shave treatment.

Right after shaving, apply a thin layer of manuka honey to the affected regions. The healing properties of the honey will help to decrease the redness and itchy bumps caused by shaving. Rinse the honey off after ten minutes. This treatment can be used on the face and body.

18. Effective at healing warts.

Manuka honey also has antiviral properties that can be used to heal warts on the fingers. Apply a bit of honey instead of ointment, then cover with a bandaid. Apply at least three times a day and use a clean bandaid at least once a day. The wart will decrease in size and eventually heal up.

19. Use to combat bad breath.

Bad breath is caused by an overproduction of bacteria in the mouth. Mix a bit of honey with warm water and a pinch of cinnamon, and use it as a mouth gargle after brushing your teeth. Your breath will smell better and stay fresher for longer.

20. Helps to prevent allergies.

Since honey is made from natural pollen, it can help allow the body’s immune system to build up resistance. This is beneficial during the times of the year when there is excess trees, plants, and flower pollen in the air which can lead to sneezing and sinus discomfort. Allergy sufferers should take the honey regularly before allergy season. This can also be a more affordable option as then you don’t have to pay for allergy shots.

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21. Use with a soothing massage oil.

Mix a bit of honey with your carrier oil and favorite essential oil, and use it to help soothe your skin while you massage your arms, legs, and shoulders. Manuka honey has anti-inflammatory properties, which will help your muscles to relax.

22. Helps to fade scars.

Apply a small amount of honey twice daily to any scars on your face or body. Over time the wounds will heal and fade away much faster than if you left them alone.

23. Gives a natural boost of energy.

Many people reach for candy, chocolate, or coffee to give them a boost of energy at midday, but eating a small amount of manuka honey will have a similar effect. Besides its natural sugar energy, it also contains nutrients that are essential for the human body.

24. Simple hair lightening treatment.

Instead of using harsh hair lightener products on your hair, try mixing manuka honey with cinnamon and olive oil, and leaving it on your hair for six hours. Wash the mixture out of your hair and style it normally.

25. Make into lip scrub for softer lips.

You can use an edible lip scrub on your lips made from olive oil, honey, and sugar. If any gets in your mouth, it’s 100% safe. This helps to soften chapped and flaking lips.

26. Helps to decrease dark circles under the eyes.

Apply a bit of honey under your eyes for ten minutes. Rinse off, then apply cold cucumber slices. This helps to decrease the appearance of under-eye circles and makes you look more refreshed.

27. Effective anti-aging serum.

Manuka honey can be made into a serum when mixed with your favorite carrier oil and essential oil. It can be applied to your face at bedtime, then washed off in the morning. The antioxidant properties will help to keep your skin looking younger for longer.

28. Helps to counteract dryness while bathing.

The chlorine in a bathtub full of water with a bar of soap can make the skin extremely dry. Pour 3 tbsp/45 ml manuka honey into the tub as it’s filling up. The honey will help to counteract the dryness from bathing so that less skin moisturizer is needed when you get out.

29. Effective cuticle treatment.

Mix up a small amount of honey with beeswax and sweet almond oil. Use this at bedtime as a cuticle and nail treatment. Rub it thoroughly into your cuticles and around your fingertips, then go to sleep. In the morning, your skin will feel noticeably softer.

30. Use as a cough suppressant.

Mix a bit of honey with hot water and honey, and drink it to help stop an annoying cough. The natural antibiotic properties in the honey will also help your throat to heal from an infection more quickly.

Final Thoughts for Using Manuka Honey

Consuming manuka honey for its health benefits is a simple way to treat your internal health conditions. At the same time, direct application to your scalp, hair, face, and body is sure to improve beauty. Using manuka honey for beauty and healthcare is also more pleasant than applying hydrogen peroxide or antibiotic ointment to your skin. A manuka honey mask is not only fun but straightforward to use, and can easily be washed off after it’s had a chance to work its magical healing properties.

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