Can Persimoon Soap Effectively Eliminate Nonenal, the Aging Smell?

In the process of aging, our bodies undergo various changes. Among these changes, one generally observed yet less frequently discussed is the transformation in body odor. It is influenced by several factors including diet, gender, and aging. As we get older, the odor becomes more distinct due to a substance called Nonenal. In this article, we will delve into the nature of Nonenal and shed light on the potential solution of using Persimmon soap to address it.

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Understanding Nonenal

Nonenal, also known as trans-2-Nonenal or simply 2-Nonenal, is a chemical compound that originates in the human body with advancing age. It’s this substance that’s largely responsible for the often unique body odor in elderly individuals. Notably, it’s not prevalent in young people because it’s associated with the body’s reducing antioxidant defenses as we age.

Nonenal gets produced when the oils (or lipid acids) generated by our body experience oxidation. This oxidation process typically kicks off around age 40, the point at which our skin’s natural defense against oxidative damage starts to decline.

The scent of Nonenal is often described as being “greasy” and “grassy,” and it’s an unpleasant odor rather hard for individuals to self-detect. However, it’s often unavoidable, even in the cleanest environments, as it’s not water-soluble and tends to cling to fabrics, persisting on items like shirt collars and pillowcases.

Nonenal and Menopause

The shifts in hormone levels during menopause can lead to increased production of both sweat-based and Nonenal-based odors. The main culprits are hot flashes and night sweats that increase secretion of fatty acids, precursors to Nonenal.

Nonenal is oil-based, which differs from typical, sweat-based odors that can be easily removed with soap and water. It’s more persistent and challenging to wash off, rendering generic soaps ineffective against it.

Persimmon Soap to the Rescue

Interestingly, nature provides us with a solution in the Japanese fruit – Persimmon. Known locally in Japan as kaki, this sweet fruit is well-known for its variety of health benefits, including antiseptic properties and high vitamin content. Researchers have found that the tannin present in Persimmon fruit is capable of neutralizing Nonenal, offering an effective means to combat age-related odors.

Persimmon, recognized as the national fruit of Japan, is harvested mainly in October and November in East Asia, and has a high tannin content, especially in its premature state. This high tannin level, coupled with Persimmon’s other beneficial compounds, has led to its inclusion in deodorizing products.

Among these products, soaps containing Persimmon extract have proven invaluable against Nonenal, outperforming conventional soaps. Other substances rich in tannin, such as green tea extract and chestnut inner shell, have also shown positive results.

Not Just a Soap, A Scientific Approach

It’s worth noting that the concept of Nonenal isn’t as widely recognized in the U.S. as it is in Japan, where the issue of age-related body changes is openly dealt with. Japan even has a specific term “Kareishu,” a respectful expression for the scent associated with elder people.

Several Japanese companies, taking a scientific approach, have exploited the power of tannin in the fight against Nonenal. One such company, Mirai Clinical, has introduced soaps that effectively utilize the deodorizing properties of Persimmon. Their products, infused with antioxidant-rich Japanese green tea and Persimmon extract, claim to leave users fresh for extended periods.

The interaction of tannin with skin proteins forms complexes, which help in sebum (skin oil) control, leading to potential skincare benefits, including acne management. Tannins also possess astringent and antioxidant properties that can contribute to healthier skin.

Final Thoughts

While Nonenal production is a natural part of aging, it doesn’t have to create an insurmountable problem. The scientific community’s understanding of Nonenal is growing, and as we’ve seen, solutions are emerging from unexpected sources like the persimmon fruit.

As research advances, we can expect even more refined solutions that help everybody age gracefully while preserving their self-confidence and dignity. After all, aging is a natural process, and there’s beauty in every stage of life.

As with any health-related information, it’s crucial to make informed decisions by seeking advice from professionals in the field.

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