My Sincere Review of TheraBreath Toothpaste (2024 Version)

As someone who is always on the lookout for products that promote good oral health, I was eager to try TheraBreath toothpaste. Created by Dr. Harold Katz, a renowned dentist, and bacteriologist, TheraBreath is all about targeting sulfur-producing bacteria – the primary cause of bad breath. In this review, I will go into details about the packaging, size, ingredients, and formula of this toothpaste. Additionally, I’ll share my personal experience and thoughts on its effectiveness, affordability, and overall value.

Packaging and Size

Getting my hands on a new product always sends a rush of excitement through me, and the packaging of TheraBreath toothpaste was no exception. The toothpaste arrived in a sturdy box that ensured the 4 oz tube was intact and ready for use. I appreciated that the cap of the tube was attached, preventing any sort of messy toothpaste buildup on the nozzle.

therabreath toothpaste box

As an aside, I noted that the toothpaste does not bear the ADA Seal of Acceptance, something some consumers look for in oral care products. However, to mitigate the risk of committing to a new toothpaste, TheraBreath offers a travel kit size, which I suggest trying first. This smaller version is available directly from their website.

Ingredients and Formula

When evaluating a toothpaste, its ingredients and formula are crucial elements that determine its effectiveness. The active ingredient in TheraBreath toothpaste is sodium fluoride, a compound well-regarded for combating cavities and reinforcing tooth enamel. Additionally, the toothpaste uses a proprietary oxygenating formula with OXYD-8, a stabilized chlorine dioxide compound designed to take on bad breath effectively.

Instead of using saccharin as a sweetener, which has been a topic of controversy, TheraBreath toothpaste is sweetened by sugar alcohols like sorbitol and xylitol. I appreciate the inclusion of xylitol, as it not only enhances the taste but also helps eliminate bad bacteria while preserving the good bacteria in your mouth.

Another noteworthy aspect of TheraBreath toothpaste is that it does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). SLS has been linked to painful canker sores and may not be suitable for all users. The formula is also alcohol-free, making it a safe option for people with sensitivities and dry mouth.

Lastly, buyers have the option to choose from three different formulas – Mild Mint, Peppermint, and Midnight Mint (Charcoal). However, for this review, my focus will remain on the Fresh Breath Mild Mint version which I had the pleasure of using.

Personal Experience

On getting my hands on TheraBreath toothpaste, I admit I was taken a bit aback. The product was quite different from my usual toothpaste. Its clear, gel-like texture, quite similar to aloe gel, threw me for a loop initially. However, this skepticism quickly vanished once I reasoned that this transparency indicated a lack of unnecessary additives, which could only be good.

therabreath toothpaste tube

Upon squeezing out a small amount onto my toothbrush, I was greeted with a pleasant taste. The toothpaste doesn’t have an overpowering minty punch to it. On the contrary, I found the taste very mild, almost making me question if it was even working. But do not be fooled by its mildness, for a strong-tasting toothpaste is not directly proportional to its effectiveness. The toothpaste failed to provide the conventional foaminess that I was so used to, making me ponder if I needed to add more or brush a second time. Quickly, however, I came to accept that it’s just how this non-generic toothpaste behaves.

I relished the liberating freedom from the typical unwanted residual film that toothpastes usually left behind. Pairing it up with their mouthwash only enhanced the experience. Even though it left an aftertaste in my mouth, it was nothing too bothersome. This toothpaste could indeed be a good fit for children who resist the strong flavor of regular toothpaste.


What left me thoroughly impressed, however, was the effectiveness of this product. If you’re challenged by persistent bad breath, this product works wonders to nix the problem. It’s gentle yet efficient, cleaning the teeth without any abrasive or harsh after-effects, despite the lack of conventional foaming.

For the best outcome, I stuck strictly to the regimen laid out in the tube instructions, which included consistent flossing and the use of their mouthwash, and the results? Fresh, clean breath that lasts all day long! The addition of my Sonic Care toothbrush and a tongue cleaner to the routine only served to boost results. I can confidently say my breath is now on a league of its own, better than ever!

No more dealing with dry mouth either! The toothpaste works brilliantly, and in fact, one of my favorite outcomes was how it effectively hushed my coffee stains – a real win for a dedicated coffee connoisseur like me! For those partial to pungent foods like onions and garlic, this toothpaste has got your back. An extra tip – chewing on xylitol gums after meals adds an extra protective seal, eliminating any lingering bacteria and reducing cavity risk.

Price and Value

check price

Frankly speaking, the pricing does seem a little steep, with a single tube setting you back by $9.95. It’s available as a solo purchase or in a twin pack. Upon opening the tube, you may notice it doesn’t seem completely filled, however, the cool thing about this toothpaste is just a small amount is ample, making it last much longer than you’d initially reckon.

To give you a tangible idea, in my case, a single tube spanned just over a cheerful month! All in all, the higher price point did initially cause a bit of hesitation, but after experiencing the longevity of each tube and the effective results, I changed my tune.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, TheraBreath toothpaste is a standout player in the game of oral hygiene. Yes, it’s a touch more expensive per ounce than some brands, and you might miss the frothy foam of traditional kinds of toothpaste, but these are minor details in the grand spectrum of things.

If you’re someone who struggles with bad breath or halitosis, TheraBreath toothpaste is certainly worth considering. The quality of ingredients, the thoughtful formula, and, above all, its effectiveness makes TheraBreath an excellent choice for those prioritizing oral health.

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