My Honest Review of PURITI Manuka Honey (2023 Edition)

As a regular user of manuka honey, I am constantly on the lookout for new and exciting brands to try. Today, I’ll be sharing my honest thoughts on PURITI Manuka Honey, focusing mostly on their UMF 15+ version. I will touch on various aspects such as taste, appearance, grades available, purity and authenticity, brand reputation, and much more, to give you a clear idea of what to expect from this product.

puriti manuka honey umf 15

Taste and Appearance

PURITI Manuka Honey is very thick, with a light brown color and a somewhat herbal smell and taste. It has a creamy consistency, almost like a paste or butter, and takes a while to dissolve in hot tea or water. While it has a slightly more medicinal taste compared to local raw honey, it is still delicious! I personally enjoy its taste and find that it enhances my tea. When it arrived, the honey had just started to crystallize, which is a normal sign of good pure honey. It has a light, sweet, distinctive flavor that pleasantly lingers in the mouth, definitely tasting like manuka honey. However, compared to other manuka honey I have tried, it has a slightly bitter taste.

Grades Available

One impressive feature of PURITI Honey is the array of UMF grades available, some of which are rare finds. From UMF 5+ (MGO 100+) to UMF 31+ (MGO 1722+), there’s a grade for everyone. Be aware, the higher the UMF rating, the steeper the price.

If you’re someone who enjoys a premium spread on your morning toast or you’re seeking to fortify your health, anything from UMF 5+ to UMF 15+ will do. For more potent health benefits like boosting your immune system or livening up a congested nose, UMF 15+ rated honey is ideal. Also, this grade is recommended for dermatological applications. If you’re aiming higher, like wound care, you’re better off with UMF 20+ or beyond. Just a word of caution: avoid heating the honey in boiling hot drinks, as it might eliminate the beneficial antibacterial properties that make it special.

Purity and Authenticity

This honey is genuine New Zealand manuka honey and bears the UMF seal on its packaging. I know it’s authentic because I verified its authenticity on the UMF website. The company also holds the UMFHA license number #2888, ensuring a credible source. Furthermore, PURITI is certified by the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) and possesses the FernMark license, a mark of trust highlighting the product’s origin. The brand also operates under the Secure Exports Scheme (SES) by the New Zealand customs.

Impressively, PURITI’s MGO levels surpass the UMF’s minimum requirements, outperforming the competition in terms of quality. Their website confirms that each honey batch is tested for MGO levels, pollen count, and other markers to meet their high standards.

Brand Reputation

PURITI Manuka Honey is produced by Midlands Apiaries Limited, and their official website can be found at As one of the top exporters of New Zealand manuka honey, the brand has garnered a positive online reputation and is recognized as a global leader in UMF Manuka Honey. PURITI is committed to sustainability and ethical business practices, and they also offer other manuka-based products like lozenges.

Packaging and Size

PURITI Manuka Honey’s packaging is worth mentioning. It comes in a heavy cardboard outer cylindrical box, providing extra protection. Inside, you’ll find a BPA-free plastic jar containing the honey. The packaging ensures no leakage with multiple seals and labels. The honey comes in two sizes: 8.8oz (250g) and 1.1lb (500g). The UMF 10+ version is also available in convenient snap packets (0.176oz) for on-the-go use. Each bottle displays the batch code and best-before date, which, in my experience, was approximately 30 months from the date of receipt.

puriti umf 10 manuka honey snap packets

Price and Value

The pricing reflects the superior quality of PURITI honey, and it leans on the expensive side. As of my last visit to their website, the UMF 20+ version costs $99.99 for an 8.8oz jar, while the UMF 15+ is priced at $49.99 for the same size. Although it’s a bit of an investment, it’s to be expected considering its high potency and remarkable quality.

The chart below compares the price of PURITI with that of its main competitors for a similar grade (UMF 15+).

Offers such as free shipping for orders above $100 and up to 20% savings on bundle purchases can cushion the cost a bit. Also noteworthy are the occasional special bulk-buy offers on their website. However, a downside is the absence of a “Subscribe & Save” option or provision for coupons, which could make it more accessible. Despite the price, its pure authenticity, health benefits, and taste make it worthy of consideration… or even as a splendid gift for health-conscious friends and family.

Pros & Cons

Let’s summarise my thoughts on PURITI manuka honey by listing its pros and cons.

  • UMF seal and authentication
  • A wide range of UMF grades for various purposes
  • High MGO levels
  • Attractive packaging and sizes
  • Non-GMO and glyphosate residue-free
  • Slightly bitter taste compared to other manuka honey
  • Expensive compared to other brands
  • No “Subscribe & Save” currently available on their website

Overall Rating

After careful consideration of all aspects of PURITI Manuka Honey, I am very impressed with this product.

7.9Review Score
Here is my personal evaluation of PURITI Manuka Honey’s strengths and weaknesses. I rated it on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest score possible in each category:
Taste and Appearance
Grades Available
Purity and Authenticity
Brand Reputation
Packaging and Size
Price and Value

Given its numerous health benefits and high-quality authenticity, I rate PURITI Manuka Honey a solid 7.9/10. Although its taste is slightly more bitter than other manuka honey brands I’ve tried, and the price is on the higher side, the overall quality, packaging, and brand reputation make it a fantastic option for those seeking premium manuka honey. So, I highly recommend giving PURITI Manuka Honey a try if you’re in the market for top-quality manuka honey.

Nutrition Information

  • Calories: 60
  • Total Fat: 0g
  • Total Carb: 15g
  • Total Sugars: 16g
  • Sodium: 0mg
  • Protein: 1g

*Serving size: 1 tbsp (20g)

*Contains not less than 550mg/kg of Methylglyoxal

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