Which Therabreath Oral Rinse Flavor Is Best? (2024 Test Results)

You may have heard that a clean mouth is the key to fresh breath, but did you know there’s more to your oral health than just brushing and flossing? For instance, if you’re one of the millions of Americans who suffer from chronic halitosis, also known as bad breath, you may have a whole other set of things you need to do to maintain good oral hygiene.

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Bad breath can be caused by several different things, including smoking, poor dental hygiene, or dry mouth. But in many cases, it’s caused by sulfur-producing bacteria that feed on tiny food particles left behind after meals. The bacteria live in your mouth and produce volatile sulfur compounds that are released into the air when you breathe. These compounds have been linked to some pretty nasty odors.

The good news is, there’s no need to accept bad breath as your fate. TheraBreath Oral Rinse offers a clinically proven solution for people who struggle with chronic bad breath.

What is TheraBreath?

TheraBreath Oral Rinse is an alcohol-free mouthwash that was designed by Dr. Harold Katz more than twenty years ago. It targets sulfur-producing bacteria to help fight bad breath for over 12 hours, and it comes in several different flavors (including mint, citrus, bubble gum, and strawberry).

In addition to the rinse itself, TheraBreath offers products designed to work in tandem with their rinse formula. The company’s proprietary lozenges are meant to be used after eating foods containing garlic or onions to address odor-causing bacteria on contact. They also sell toothpaste and dental floss that help reduce the amount of sulfur compounds in the mouth, as well as tongue scrapers to remove the bacteria from your tongue.

TheraBreath Ingredients

One of the reasons TheraBreath is so effective is its proprietary ingredients. The most important element in the mouthwash is OXYD-8, which is an oxygen compound that helps to neutralize bad breath by interacting with odor-causing bacteria to prevent them from creating sulfurous compounds. Additionally, the mouthwash contains a unique blend of natural flavors and sweeteners as well as aloe vera for further soothing and moisturizing.

Here’s the full list of ingredients: Purified Water, OXYD-8 (Dr. Katz’s patented version of Oxychlor compounds), PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Tetrasodium EDTA, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Benzoate, Essential Oil of Peppermint, Sodium Hydroxide.

PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil acts as a surfactant (aka, it helps things bind together), Tetrasodium EDTA acts as a preservative to make sure that everything in your mouthwash doesn’t expire too quickly, Sodium Bicarbonate (aka baking soda) keeps the pH levels in balance, Sodium Benzoate further helps with preserving the mouthwash so it lasts longer without losing its effectiveness, Essential Oil of Peppermint gives you fresh breath and a minty taste, and Sodium Hydroxide works with baking soda to make sure that everything stays at the right pH level.

Therabreath Oral Rinse Flavors: Which Is Best?

When it comes to mouthwash, everyone has their preference as to which flavor they prefer. Some people just can’t stand mint, while others may not like lemon or citrus flavors. While there may be some disagreement about which flavor is the best, I decided to do a taste test of my own and try them for myself!

Here are my results:

1. Icy Mint

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For me, Icy Mint was the best.

It’s refreshing and it doesn’t feel like you’re going to get brain freeze. It tastes good, but it’s not too strong. The Xylitol and increased mint and menthol levels give it a boost without making it too harsh. Most importantly, though, I love the way my breath smells!

The minty aroma is unmistakable and the flavor leaves your mouth feeling clean, bright, and fresh. It also has a cooling sensation that makes it super refreshing in the morning or after a meal.

If you’re new to TheraBreath rinses, I’d recommend giving Icy Mint a try first.

2. Sparkle Mint

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The Sparkle Mint flavor is a little milder than the Mild Mint flavor, but it still has the same refreshing taste. It’s great if you need a breath freshener but want to avoid the alcohol in most mouthwash.

I have a lot of crowns and veneers, and I’ve been using the Sparkle Mint flavor for years without any problems with tooth discoloration or staining. The Sparkle Mint flavor contains fluoride, too, which makes it a good choice for anyone who wants to keep their teeth healthy and strong.

What’s more, this mouthwash leaves a pleasant taste in my mouth without any bitter aftertaste.

3. Mild Mint

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I love that the Mild Mint Flavor is so gentle; it’s a great choice if you have a sensitive mouth. It’s formulated without alcohol and has absolutely no burn—in fact, it feels like my mouth is being wrapped in a warm blanket of minty goodness when I use it. Even better, it doesn’t leave an aftertaste in my mouth.

I use it in the morning and again before bed at night–no matter how long my sleep goes! It’s always a pleasure to wake up with fresh breath.

There is no color, smell, or taste but right after you use it you will have a refreshing minty flavor if you take a drink of water. I like that it’s ethically produced and has no animal testing involved in its production or sale.

If you want a strong mint taste, this product will not work for you. It’s not bad, just not strongly flavored.

4. Clean Mint

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I tried the old version of Clean Mint Oral Rinse in the past, and to me, it tasted more like medicine than anything else. This new version tastes nice—kind of mintyish—and it’s good!

This oral rinse has a very mild, clean taste that feels appropriately fresh but isn’t overwhelming. It doesn’t burn in your mouth, and it tastes very pleasant and fresh. That said, if you’re used to something like Listerine or Crest, this will feel milder than what you’re used to—it’s not as minty and doesn’t taste sweet at all.

5. Peppermint

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What makes this mouthwash great? First off, it’s fortified with soothing aloe vera and naturally anti-bacterial green tea, zinc gluconate, and tea tree oil. It has an invigorating Peppermint Flavor that is still gentle on sensitive mouths.

This mouthwash does exactly what you expect it to do: it tastes fine and gives a great, clean feeling after use. It’s not as heavy or medicinal-tasting as some mouthwashes but seems to do just as well or better than any of them.

The only caveat? There’s a slight aftertaste, but it goes away quickly. Still recommend this product!

And it’s priced reasonably—not too expensive for a product that lasts as long as this one does!

6. Rainforest Mint

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I had never heard of bergamot until trying this product, but now I’m a fan. It has bergamot in it and it adds a little herbal kick to the mint flavor that I really enjoy. It smells like lemon-y herbal tea and tastes pretty good!

Rain Forest, with its dark green bottle, has a flavor that is perhaps the most different from all the other flavors. It’s kind of woodsy and different tasting at first, but I promise you—it’s delicious! The flavor is refreshing, and even though it was a little weird at first, I got used to it pretty quickly.

All in all, this is an interesting blend that may be worth trying if you’re looking for something new!

7. Tingling Mint

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Tingling Mint flavor combines natural salivary enzymes with floral extracts to create a tingling sensation that enhances oxygenation. It tastes just like mint, but maybe with a little something extra? Maybe a little lemon, perhaps? It’s hard to put my finger on what it is, exactly—and honestly, who cares? It’s delicious!

Plus, it totally does the trick: I swished a capful in my mouth for a minute and then spit it out. My mouth tingled pleasantly and the dryness never returned.

However, I am not a fan of the aftertaste. It is like a mint flavor with a sour lemon aftertaste.

Why You Should Give TheraBreath Rinse a Try

  1. It’s a good solution for people who have chronic bad breath.
  2. Therabreath rinse works fast, it can make a difference in 30 seconds.
  3. The results last for up to 12 hours after the rinse is used.
  4. It restores the balance of your oral microbiome.
  5. No burning sensation.
  6. It freshens your breath without the side effects of alcohol-based rinses.
  7. It also helps with dry mouth and bleeding gums as well.
  8. It’s not just for regular bad breath, but it helps people with tonsil stones and smokers as well.
  9. It’s perfect for eliminating coffee breath.
  10. Better at getting rid of bad breath than Listerine.

Is TheraBreath Safe?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Sometimes, when you’re gargling, a little bit of mouthwash goes down the wrong pipe. And I totally get it—it can be a pretty unpleasant experience!

So is it safe to swallow your oral rinses? Yes—in small amounts.

Absolutely! As long as you only swallow a small amount, you’re fine. In fact, some people will allow a tiny bit to trickle down their throat after gargling because they want to reach the bacteria at the back of their throat where normal gargling may not reach. So as long as you’re not trying to make yourself sick by taking an entire bottle of mouthwash orally, everything’s cool!

The only potential adverse reaction to mouthwash is a slight stinging sensation if you have an oral infection or open sore. If you’re concerned about your sore, consult with your dentist before using a mouthwash.


For those of you who want to feel minty-fresh and refreshed throughout the day, Therabreath Oral Rinse is an option that I might recommend. It has multiple flavors to choose from, so there’s something for everyone! Just two times of use will ensure you have fresh breath all day long.

I hope that I have helped to answer the important question of which Therabreath rinse flavor is best by exploring the many factors that go into making up an enjoyable mouthwash. I now look forward to seeing what my readers have to say about my findings and whether they change their minds about any particular flavor.

Tell me what you think in the comments below!

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