How to Use Oregano Oil to Heal Warts (Fast and Naturally)

While warts are generally harmless, they can be unsightly, annoying, and embarrassing for people who get them.

They are highly contagious and are often caught from gyms or a friend or partner who also has them. There can be certain risk factors, such as eczema, that can lead to susceptibility of warts.

oregano oil for warts

Common warts or plantar warts can affect hands or feet, but they can be transmitted to the face or other parts of the body. There are also different types, mosaic, periungual, flat, etc., but they’re basically the same.

What is Oregano Oil?

Oregano oil is a type of essential oil that is made from the oregano plant. The oil itself is derived from the leaves and flowers of the small green-leafed plant. It has a strong, pungent, but an appealing smell.

In oily form, it still smells exactly like the dried or powdered oregano you’d use in your cooking, particularly in pizza or Italian dishes. Many people grow oregano in their gardens. Oregano oil feels a bit caustic when applied directly to the skin, but it has beneficial healing properties, while its aroma is useful for aromatherapy. The oil helps clean blocked sinuses and clear a foggy mind when you have a terrible viral bug.

For this reason, oregano oil is an excellent all-purpose treatment for helping to boost the body’s immune function. This naturally includes helping to kill the virus on the skin that causes warts, and to help them to heal quickly. It can even be used as a preventative.

Why Does Oregano Oil Work?

Oregano oil contains natural compounds that work to kill off harmful microorganisms on the skin. This is due to its high phenol content. These phenols are natural phytochemicals that have antioxidant effects.

There are also many other compounds, such as thymol, terpene, naringin, carvacrol, and more. Together, these work at giving a boost to immune system health.

Oregano oil is packed full of beneficial compounds, as it takes over 450 kilograms of wild oregano plants to make half a kilogram of oil. The oil’s active ingredients are preserved within alcohol.

These compounds work at breaking through the outer cell membranes of your skin to help protect it from harmful microorganisms.

how to use oil of oregano for planters warts

How to Use Oregano Oil for Warts

You may be able to dip a bit of oregano oil onto a q-tip and apply it directly to your finger wart or toe wart. But it can feel a bit caustic against your skin. You shouldn’t use it to your face or sensitive regions of the body without first diluting it with a carrier oil. You should never apply it to your eyes, even though they can suffer warts too.

Here are a few ways to apply the oil to a wart:

  • Apply the oil directly to fingers or feet, or other “tougher” regions of the body.
  • Dilute the oil with olive oil, coconut oil, or jojoba oil before applying it to your face, arms, legs, or torso, as the oil can burn.
  • Only use a drop or two of the oil. You don’t want the oil to fall off and stain your clothing. Dab it with a bit of tissue if you have applied too much.
  • Reapply the oil once every three hours until you see improvements.
  • Apply the oil from four to six times throughout the day.
  • Reapply the oil after you have washed your hands, or taken a shower or a bath.
  • Some people like to apply the oil, then use a strip of duck (duct) tape to their fingers. This keeps the oil in place, and some people swear by the duck tape treatment even though no one knows why it works. It may block air from getting to the virus, which needs oxygen to breathe to reproduce.
  • Wash your hands frequently when out in public or at work, to avoid catching other skin infections, or transmitting your wart infection to others.
  • It should take about a week for the wart to begin to reduce size.

Other Oregano Oil Benefits for Skin

Oregano oil can also have additional benefits for the skin. Since warts are a viral infection of the skin, it can also lead to other annoying skin conditions, making the skin’s immune function weaker.

  • The compounds in oregano oil will help to prevent other skin infections.
  • Oregano oil will soothe other skin inflammation, such as eczema, psoriasis, or allergies that can also make the skin susceptible to infection.
  • Use oregano oil as a preventative on your fingers if you have a special occasion coming up.

Precautions & Warnings

For an oregano oil for warts treatment to work effectively, you should follow some precautions and warnings when using it.

  1. Purchase only a high-quality oregano essential oil. Be aware that some cheap knock-offs are made from thyme, Spanish oregano, and cultivated oregano. These won’t work as effectively as real oregano oil.
  2. Do not ingest oregano oil. Use it for topical application (on the skin) only.
  3. Do not use oil on children, pregnant, or nursing women. Children have a habit of licking their fingers.
  4. If you’re allergic to other plants from the Lamiaceae family, such as mint, lavender, sage, or basil, chances are you may also be allergic to oregano too.
  5. If you experience any rash, hives, or allergic reaction when using oregano oil, then stop using it.
  6. Consult a doctor if your warts are not improving at all within two weeks, or they are spreading to other parts of your body.
  7. If your abnormal skin growths are openly bleeding, pus-filled, black in color, or hurt, it’s possible they are a different type of skin infection, and you should seek immediate medical advice.

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