Four Ways to Store Your African Black Soap Properly

Have you ever wondered how African women have such flawless, glowing skin?

Well, the credit for it goes to African black soap!

how to store african black soap

African black soap is a natural, handmade skincare product from the African continent. It contains highly beneficial plant-based ingredients like plantain ash, cocoa, palm oil, and shea tree bark.

To prepare African black soap, all these ingredients are combined, dried, and roasted till they turn into ash. Next, the ash is mixed with fats like coconut oil, shea butter, and glycerin using heat. The resulting solid mixture is cured for two weeks to yield a rich and extraordinary soap.

African black soap can help with skin conditions like acne, sunburn, and blemishes. It moisturizes the skin and slows down the signs of aging. And the best thing is that a small amount of soap goes a long way. Hence, it is a great ingredient to add to your stock of skincare products.

Since African black soap has no expiry date, you can use it for as long as it lasts. However, storing it properly can be a challenge.

Why You Should Properly Store African Black Soap?

African black soap has a high fat content because it contains plant butter and glycerin. When you expose the soap to air, the glycerin absorbs moisture. It causes the soap to become soft and dissolve.

Leaving it exposed will also produce a thin layer of white film on the surface. When these things happen, your precious African soap can end up being wasted.

To extend the longevity of African bar soap, always take care of two things:

  • Never leave African black soap to dry on its own after use
  • Never keep it open in a humid environment like the bathroom, where it can absorb moisture and disintegrate

Ways to Store Your African Black Soap

You can properly store African black soap and use it for much longer by following these suggestions.

1. Keep it in its original packaging

Don’t remove the soap from its original packaging till the time you decide to use it. The airtight seal will protect the soap from moisture and keep it fresh for much longer.

2. Store it in a dedicated, airtight container

Always keep your African black soap away from other soaps and skincare products. Preferably place it in a wood or plastic container by itself. It should have slats or holes at the base to allow the soap to dry.

3. Use an airtight cover for added protection

Once the soap dries, promptly store it away. Put the soap container in an airtight bag or wrap it in plastic. Then, place it in a cool and dry spot.

4. Break bigger soaps into small pieces and store them separately

If you have a big bar of African black soap or bought it in bulk, open only what you need. Break off a small piece for immediate use. Store the rest of the soap in its original packaging or wrap it in plastic and store it in an airtight container.

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