How to Apply Apple Cider Vinegar to Prevent Dandruff?

Irrespective of men or women, we are all prone to suffer from few flakes, but it can severely affect one’s confidence when these flakes start to fall with pace from scalp onto the shoulders.

Except for being a nuisance, dandruff is a disorder that affects the scalp. It is caused by the rapid shedding of dead skin cells as part of the excessive production of sebum.

homemade dandruff treatments

Of course, there are a lot of solutions out there, but natural remedies will be the best bet to choose as they are cheaper and may have low risks compared to branded products.

Apple cider vinegar is assumed to be effective in getting rid of dandruff because the enzymes present in it are so powerful that they are capable of killing both bacteria and fungal infections.

The main reason that is believed to be the cause of dandruff is the excessive production of yeast on the scalp. It is the presence of bacteria on the surface of the scalp that leads to dead skin cells, which in turn causes flaking and itchiness. So the use of Apple cider vinegar on an optimum amount can prevent the formation of dandruff at a rapid pace without leaving any side effects.

How to Make Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)?

Necessary ingredients required for making ACV are:

  1. Apples
  2. Water
  3. Vinegar

Once you have the ingredients mentioned above, we are all set to make apple cider vinegar.

  • Using a kitchen knife, cut off the apple into small pieces and mix it with water.
  • Leave them for fermentation. After a few weeks, take out the slices of apple from the solution and let it continue to ferment.
  • The presence of natural sugars in the apple will turn the solution into a type of alcohol.
  • When the solution is fermenting, healthy bacterias will be formed, eventually producing acetic acid(which is vinegar’s main attraction).

How to Apply ACV to Prevent Dandruff?

Although there are many ways of applying ACV for getting rid of dandruff, we will be discussing here the method which we think will be the best for you.

  • Wash off your hair gently with shampoo to make sure it is free of any oil content. This is a critical step since any presence of oil will make it tough for the vinegar to enter, making the treatment ineffective!
  • Combine ACV along with a bit of warm water. If you don’t feel comfortable with the smell of vinegar, it is ideal to add a few drops of lavender oil. This will not only mask the odor of vinegar but also induce a soothing smell on hair.
  • Pull apart your hair to find the places that have the presence of dandruff in large numbers. Once you find the spot, apply the mixture directly, and leave it alone for an hour.
  • Now you can rinse it off with water (preferably warm water) but never use shampoo.
apple cider vinegar for dandruff treatment

On an ideal basis, it is perfect to follow this treatment at least once or twice a week, especially for those people suffering from intense dandruff related problems.

Side Effects of Apple Cider Vinegar

Even while they are famous for the wide range of health benefits they offer, since ACV is acidic, it is not something you should over depend on! Though it’s benefits are known to many, only a handful of them are aware of their side effects. Apart from their foul smell and acidic nature, excessive usage of ACV can lead to severe allergic reactions and cause damage to your body.

So to avoid getting affected by any damages to your hair or skin, it is always better to choose the organic form of ACV and make sure you go through the label pasted on the bottle.

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