5 Simple Tips to Get Shiny Healthy Hair Faster

Taking care of your hair is as important as any other part of our body. Though we do everything possible to cover up our body parts, it is our hair that gets directly in contact with sun rays, pollution, dirt and other sorts of chemicals. Health of hair is more or less a reflection of one’s lifestyle, even though sometime genetic makeup can lead to problems associated with hair.

It would have been wonderful, had everyday was a good hair day!! Unfortunately most of the time that is not the case, in fact sometimes no matter how much you try it is hard to maintain hair in a proper way. But still everything is not lost, doesn’t matter what your hair type is, still you can improve the look and strength of hair to a great extend. In this article we are summing up some general tips and tricks for achieving healthy hair.

tips to get shiny healthy hair

1. Wash your Hair Properly

It is recommended that your hair should be washed at least once daily so as to remove the dirt that might stick on the hair. Massaging scalp with the help of a shampoo can improve the circulation of blood and are also capable of preventing dandruff. You can either use chemical shampoos or some mixture of natural oils for this purpose. The wide range of benefits associated with natural oils makes them favorite among many people. They are also capable of acting as good hair conditioners , especially when used along with other carrier oils. No matter what items you use, make sure you clean your hair with cool water to prevent the residues from sticking on to the hair. Some of those natural oils that you can make use of are avocado oil, olive oil, jojoba oil etc.

2. Special Treatments for Hair

It is a good practice to perform certain special treatments on hair like deep conditioning or moisturizing with the help of natural oils. Hair conditioning should be done at least twice a week. They are capable of penetrating deep into the hair and provide a healing effect. Hair mask is yet another effective way of treating your hair, avocado oil is a perfect match for this treatment. Applying detangler after shower is also considered as a very good method, this will make your hair more flexible and easily manageable.

3. Bleaching

Bleaching at times can be a little dangerous process unless you take proper care of yourselves. It is important to keep your hair completely moisturized with the help of conditioners and hair masks. Obviously conditioners can be little expensive, but it will stick within your budget if you can make use of some natural oils for this purpose like for example olive oil is considered as one of the best natural hair conditioner. Even a single tablespoon of olive oil is enough as you don’t have to completely fill your hair with olive oil. Keep your hair as such for 30 minutes or so and wash it with the help of a shampoo. The results will be surprisingly amazing leaving yourselves with a soft, smooth and shining hair.

4. Eat Healthy Foods

It is found that a good dietary plan could very well decide the quality of your hair. In fact certain foods are even capable of preventing hair loss like those ones which are rich in essential fatty acids. Just because they have a high content of fatty acids doesn’t mean they won’t be good for your overall health. In fact many of theses so called super foods have a bad reputation for being rich in fatty acids. But they are good fatty acids capable of promoting both skin and hair health.

Some of these foods are also rich in Vitamin E, that obviously helps a lot in keeping your hair healthy. Avocado fruit is considered as one of the best super food, because of the wide range of health benefits it offers. The oils of these foods are also used for various culinary purposes.

5. Mixing Carrier Oils with Shampoo

It is a widely used method, something that people would have tried at least once. So many oils are used to mix along with shampoos but it is jojoba oil that is widely used for this purpose mainly since they are in liquid form they don’t have to be melted in order to use. They are capable of removing the sebum present in the scalp thereby promoting hair growth! It is assumed that even 1-2 drops oil oil is enough to protect our hair strands from breaking and drying up! Jojoba oil is also known to act as a serum which can improve the shininess of hair. In fact they have certain properties good enough to save the hair from all sorts of usual damages.

To a great extend the quality of hair decides our looks. No matter how much we take care of our facial attributes, if the hair doesn’t look good. You would be left with a bizarre look! So its important to take very good care of your hair by following the above mentioned simple yet effective methods. They are not only inexpensive but can save you a lot of time!

Do you have any other tips or advice to suggest? Or have you ever tried any of the above mentioned methods? If so let us know your feedback below.

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