The 5 Easy Steps To Cut an Avocado Fruit for Salad

Known as nature’s butter, avocados are one among the most nutrient-rich food consisting of proteins, vitamins, and healthy fats. The benefits of using avocado are numerous. We can make use of avocados in various ways, like using them as a substitute for meat in salads and sandwiches. To get you started, you can find more about avocado, and it’s superfood characteristics here in this post: What Makes Avocado a Superfood?

There may be many instances where you will have to slice them in equal proportions – to include in a diet or to use it as a substitute in salads, etc. Surprisingly a large number of people find it difficult to understand how to cut down an avocado fruit. As the saying goes, often, it is the simple things that take out more time from us.

The below video will help you to go through the process step by step:

So here is a guide on how to cut and slice avocado fruit in 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Choose the Avocado and cut it into half by slicing around the pit. Once you cut, twist the two halves apart.

Step 2: Twist the two parts in such a way that the flesh will be separated from the seed.

how to cut an avocado

Step 3: The next step is to get the seed out of the flesh. You can use either a knife or a spoon for this procedure. Carefully run the knife or spoon around the edges of the seed to loosen it from the flesh. If the flesh is hard, you can apply some honey on your knife or spoon before running it through the edges.

Step 4: Now, using the knife, cut the fruit in a cross model in both half of the flesh. Make sure your tear doesn’t reach the skin of the fruit.

Step 5: Using a spoon, take out the scoops and place it on a vessel, if you are not using it immediately, make sure you cover it with a slice of lemon or lime juice to prevent it from browning.

steps to cut an avocado fruit for salad

So what are you waiting for? Buy some avocados today, and make use of its nutritional values. If you have any queries, feel free to drop a comment below. We appreciate your feedback and questions.

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