5 Best Activated Charcoal Powders for Teeth Whitening

Activated charcoal powder has been dated back to the 16th century for body detoxification and as an antidote to poison. Today, it’s commonly found in water purification systems to remove impurities, chemicals, and minerals in drinking water. When used for the teeth, a small amount goes a long way and makes this treatment more affordable than expensive teeth whitening strips. It’s also fun and easy to use.

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The number one benefit of brushing your teeth with charcoal is that it will whiten your teeth. If your teeth have been stained by coffee, tea, wine, berries, smoking, or certain prescription medications, it can leave yellow stains—this powder will gently remove stains from the teeth.

Top 5 Activated Charcoal Powder for Teeth Whitening 2020

Here are five best activated charcoal powders on the market today. No matter which you choose, they’ll get the job done. Since one container will last you a long time, it’s best to make the right selection before purchase.

1. Active Wow Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder Natural

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  • Made from coconut.
  • Whitens teeth without sensitivity.
  • Made from premium ingredients from the purest sources.

Active Wow Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder is a charcoal powder made with coconut instead of hardwood trees and contains the simplest of natural ingredients. This unique formula will whiten your teeth more over time. It can remove a wide variety of stains from coffee, cigarettes, and red wine, without using harsh chemicals or bleach.

Active Wow powder has been made in the USA from the highest quality ingredients. It contains organic coconut-activated charcoal powder, bentonite, and orange seed oil. If you have gluten sensitivities, it’s gluten-free. It’s simple to use. Dip your brush in and brush as usual. You should see visible results after one or two treatments. Results will vary depending on how stained your teeth are, and how often you use it.

Active Wow is gentle enough to be used twice per day until your teeth have noticeably whitened. Brush your teeth for at least two minutes. Remember to rinse your mouth thoroughly. After this point, use it occasionally to maintain beautiful white teeth.

2. Majestic Pure Teeth Whitening Activated Charcoal Powder

majestic pure teeth whitening activated charcoal powderbuy from amazon
  • 100% pure and natural.
  • Made from coconut.
  • Best alternative to harsh bleach or peroxides.

Majestic Pure Powder contains only safe and natural ingredients, such as the activated charcoal, bentonite clay, and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), orange seed oil, mentha piperita—organic peppermint oil and spearmint oil added to make it taste better. Some people report noticeably brighter results, and others say it made their teeth one or two shades brighter.

Dentists are okay with their patients using activated charcoal powder to whiten their teeth, as long as you follow the instructions on the packaging. It’s recommended that you use Majestic Pure only once or twice a week. It’s made in California, USA, and not tested on animals. The company has a high standard for manufacturing and obtaining ingredients from around the world.

Be sure when you are using the product to use it over the sink to avoid getting on your clothes. Also, do not inhale or swallow any of it. You can do a simple skin test to check for allergies first. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush too. One tub of powder should last you for about two months. You’ll discover that the Majestic Pure Powder is soft and non-abrasive, and a better alternative than brushing with baking soda.

3. Gold Mountain Tuxedo All Natural Charcoal Teeth Whitening and Gum Powder

all natural charcoal activated charcoal and bentonite clay formulabuy from amazon
  • Mint flavored like toothpaste.
  • Natural and organic ingredients.
  • Reduces sensitivity while strengthening enamel.

Gold Mountain Tuxedo activated charcoal powder has been made from coconut and is natural and organic. It gently whitens over time and has been designed to remove coffee and wine stains from your teeth. It’s recommended that you use this powder for at least 30 days to see the best results. It’s the perfect choice for people who have sensitive teeth.

It’s gentle on your tooth enamel and will encourage healthy gums and teeth. You can use it instead of toothpaste, and it will also freshen your breath as it contains mint. You can also use it before your regular brushing routine. It also works as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

One container of Gold Mountain Tuxedo activated charcoal powder should last you up to three months and is safe for the entire family to use. To avoid the mess, take a pinch of the powder out of the jar first, place it in the palm of your hand, then dip your toothbrush in it. This product has been made in the USA with coconuts sourced from Sri Lanka.

4. Vena Beauty Natural Teeth Whitening Powder Made with Organic Bamboo

natural teeth whitening powder made with organic bamboo activated charcoalbuy now
  • Peppermint flavored.
  • All natural and organic ingredients.
  • Contains food-grade ingredients.

Vena Beauty is peppermint flavored so that you can use it in the replacement of your toothpaste. It contains only food-grade ingredients, so you can be assured you’re not using bleach, harsh chemicals, fluoride, or artificial colors or preservatives in your mouth. This product promotes healthy gums and freshens your breath. It has a slightly sweet taste, so it might be suitable if you find unflavoured charcoal powders aren’t to your liking.

Vena Beauty will also whiten your teeth and provide tartar control. Its main ingredient is made from activated bamboo charcoal. It’s believed that this type of charcoal powder has the highest effectiveness in removing impurities from the mouth. The powder also washes away quickly, so if you’re worried about the color, there is no need.

Vena Beauty is also safe to use even if you have sensitive teeth and gums. The food-grade ingredients ensure that they don’t irritate. Use it the way you would use toothpaste. Remember to spit and rinse and repeat until your mouth and teeth are no longer black. You can use this up to two times a day. You can use regular toothpaste to brush in-between.

5. Dental Duty ToothBrite Natural Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder

dental duty natural teeth whitening charcoal powderbuy from amazon
  • All natural and organic ingredients.
  • Mint flavor.
  • 3 to 6 month supply depending on usage.

Dental Duty has a pleasant mint flavor, much like toothpaste. It’s a great alternative to visiting the dentist for expensive teeth-whitening treatments, or using teeth whitening strips or hydrogen peroxide that can strip away your enamel. It’s also safe to use on sensitive teeth and won’t remove teeth enamel away. You’ll be able to enjoy whitening your teeth in the privacy of your home.

One container of Dental Duty can last you three to six months, depending on whether you’re using it every day, or using toothpaste in-between. You can use it as a teeth whitener a few times a week or use it every day instead of toothpaste. It’s recommended that you try it for at least 30 days, and is backed up with a money-back guarantee. Not only will your teeth look whiter, but they’ll also feel cleaner, and your breath will be fresher.

Dental Duty is made in the USA from 100% natural ingredients, and 100% vegan ingredients, and is certified GMO-free. It’s free of harmful chemicals, artificial flavors, and artificial colors. The charcoal is sourced from coconut, and it also contains other plant-based ingredients such as peppermint, orange seed oil, and baking soda. The product is sold in a glass jar.

How Do You Brush Your Teeth With Activated Charcoal?

It’s simple to brush your teeth with activated charcoal powder. If you’re worried about your toothbrush being stained, you can also purchase a black charcoal toothbrush, or a separate toothbrush just for this purpose. To begin, wet the end of your toothbrush then open up your container of activated charcoal powder. Dip the toothbrush into the powder.

For the next step, brush your teeth normally. Don’t forget to do the front, back, and tops of the teeth. It would be best if you focus longer on the regions of your teeth that have the most staining, or the front teeth that you show the world.

It’s normal that this powder will make your teeth and mouth completely black. Just remember to spit it out and don’t swallow it.

Take a sip of water, swish well, and spit out into the sink. Repeat until the water comes out clean. If you find that the charcoal powder is sticking in your teeth, use a clean toothbrush to go over these spots. You can also floss your teeth, then rinse your teeth after.

For the best results, brush your teeth with activated charcoal powder once every two or three days.

Is Activated Charcoal Powder Safe to Use?

Activated charcoal powder is relatively safe for most adults to use. If you’re pregnant or take a lot of prescription medications, check with your doctor first. But just like with any other type of product, if you experience irritation, then stop using it. If you have caps, crowns, or veneers, the activated charcoal powder might stain them. If this is the case, stop using your charcoal powder.

The main issue with activated charcoal powder is that since it’s a black powder, it can stain your clothing, towels, and a grouted floor.

You may wish to do your treatments right over the sink so you can easily wash the sink out after use. Use a dark-colored facecloth to clean up.

You should only use activated charcoal powder with a regular toothbrush and not an electric toothbrush, to avoid getting the powder all over your bathroom.

Even though the activated charcoal powder is safe for ingestion in minute amounts, if you swallow a large amount, seek medical attention.

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