Castor Oil for Acne – Achieve a Clear and Smooth Complexion

Castor oil is a vegetable oil sourced from seeds from the plant called Ricinus communis. The castor beads have an attractive dark brown and black mottled pattern.

castor oil for acne

Castor oil has many uses in personal health and beauty care for men and women. It’s 100% safe to use on the skin, and is pale yellow to colourless. Its oil is light and often used in replacement of other oils which can be heavy, such as coconut or olive oil, as it absorbs well into the skin. It has a slight earthy smell on application, but it soon dissipates.

How Does Castor Oil Heal Acne?

Castor oil is safe for topical application to the skin. It can have many health benefits, from softening the skin, to encouraging the healing of inflammatory skin conditions, including acne, and provide astringent qualities to restore skin’s natural pH balance. The skin’s pH balance can fall out of normal range if it becomes infected with Propionibacterium acnes, a bacteria that cause pimples. Fungal infections, staph infections, viral infections and more, can also affect the skin’s healthy pH balance. The castor oil is a simple and natural way of helping the skin to heal.

Inside the castor oil is ricinoleic acid. This is a monounsaturated triglyceride fatty acid that acts as a mold inhibitor for foods, and as an anti-bacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, and antiseptic. This means that the fatty acid within the oil will kill any organisms living on your skin that cause inflammation, swelling, and redness.

Why You Should Use Castor Oil’s Healing Properties for Skin

Many people who suffer from acne will benefit from using castor oil for their skin. Often one of the causes of acne is due to the skin being too dry. The skin’s sebaceous glands then produce sebum, leaving your skin looking and feeling greasy. This buildup can clog your skin’s glands. This in turn allows for the growth of acne bacteria.

Over time, large red pimples will form on the skin. These can form white heads of pus, which can burst and cause scarring of the skin. Castor oil works through three different ways:

  1. Moisturizes the skin to prevent excess sebum production.
  2. Helps to heal the skin so it becomes clearer and smoother.
  3. Kills the bacteria that causes acne so that future blemishes can be prevented from occurring again.

You can buy ointments for acne but often all they do is dry out the skin to speed up healing of the blemishes, but do little to control the bacteria that causes pimples. There are also oral and topical antibiotics, but they can stop working over time, plus kill off the healthy bacteria on your skin, leading to more serious staph infections. Using castor oil is a simple, inexpensive, and effective way to naturally treat acne.

How Castor Oil Can Decrease Acne Scars

A major problem of acne over time is that scars can develop on the face. This is the result of pimples bursting, or even from scratching them because they’re itchy. While one or two will heal quickly, leaving a bad acne condition over time can cause your face to become a mass of sores. This results in a mottled texture of scars that can last a lifetime.

Apply castor oil on a regular basis to help heal acne quickly. Prevention is the key to preventing scarring, but since there are healing fatty acids in the oil, you can still apply it twice a day to reduce the appearance of present scar tissue, and to help speed the healing process.

Healing Skin Care Recipes to Heal & Prevent Acne

Many people who suffer from acne may be looking for a quick cure, particularly if a special occasion, such as wedding, dance, or seminar, is coming up where you must look your best. Perhaps you’ve given up on the acne remedies that you can find on any store’s shelf.

Instead, reach for a bottle of castor oil. You can simply apply a drop to the affected regions of your skin, but you can extend the healing properties of castor oil to help speed up the healing process too.

Many recipes can be made to help heal the skin of acne, including using castor oil in their preparation. Perhaps one of the most effective ways to help the skin to heal is through a cleansing and moisturizing steam cleanse. This treatment will help to open up skin’s pores, while allowing the natural compounds within the oil to kill the bacteria that cause acne, and provide some moisture for the skin.

1. Recipe for Castor Oil, Almond Oil, and Camphor Oil Face Mask for Bedtime.

Collect together the following ingredients and supplies.

  • Two drops castor oil.
  • Two drops almond oil.
  • One drop camphor oil.
  • Small bowl.

Method for Making & Using Acne Face Mask

Follow these steps to make your simple acne face mask for bedtime.

  • Simply mix all of the above three oils together into a small bowl.
  • Using your fingertips, apply it directly to your face.
  • Massage it gently in.
  • Leave on overnight.
  • Wash your face with warm water and a mild skin cleanser in the morning.
  • Repeat treatments once a night until you notice your acne clearing up.
  • Repeat your bedtime face mask treatments once a week to prevent future acne outbreaks.

2. Castor Oil Steam Cleanse

Gather together the following ingredients and supplies to make this simple acne treatment for the face. It only takes minutes to make, and requires a minimal amount of supplies. Do your preparations in the kitchen, near a stove and a sink. It’s best to do this at bedtime, to allow time for the castor oil to heal your skin overnight.

  • Large pot filled with water.
  • A towel large enough to cover your head.
  • Facecloth.
  • Two teaspoons of castor oil.

Simple Method for Castor Oil Steam Treatment

Follow these steps to make your castor oil steam treatment for your face.

  • Fill the pot with water and place on top of a stove.
  • Turn burner on and heat the water to boiling.
  • Once water is boiled, turn the heat off.
  • Drape the towel over your head.
  • Lean over the pot until your face is directly in the steam.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Hold your face over the steam for five minutes to give time for the pores to open.
  • Remove towel from face.
  • Using a clean facecloth, dip it into warm tap water and wring out.
  • Use the face cloth to gently massage your face for five minutes.
  • Pour two teaspoons of the castor oil evenly over the facecloth.
  • Massage your face in circular motions for around one minute.
  • Rinse your face off with lukewarm water.
  • Pat dry gently with towel.
  • Repeat once a day until your skin is noticeable clearer.
  • Once your acne condition has healed up, repeat treatment once a week, or as required.
castor oil overnight acne

How to Apply Bedtime Castor Oil Treatment to Face

You can apply castor oil to your face at bedtime after your steam treatment, or do that separately.

  • Apply two drops of castor oil to your fingertips.
  • Gently rub the castor oil all over your face.
  • Leave on your face overnight.
  • In the morning, wash your face with a mild soap or face wash.
  • Use a gentle exfoliating skin treatment, such as sugar and castor oil.
  • Repeat your night treatments every three nights.

Side Effects & Precautions When Using Castor Oil Topically

Even though castor oil is naturally derived and contains no other ingredients, it’s best to be made aware of any side effects or precautions.

  1. Don’t use castor oil if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.
  2. Avoid placing too much around the eyes or ears as it has an oily consistency.
  3. The oil can stain clothing.
  4. Avoid placing too much on the lips or around the mouth, as if it’s consumed, it can cause diarrhea.
  5. Avoid using castor oil if you get any sort of rash, hive, or other type of inflammation.
  6. Store your bottle of castor oil in a high cupboard out of the reach of pets or children.
  7. When using it at bedtime, place a towel over your pillow so you don’t stain your sheets.

Other Beauty and Health Benefits of Using Castor Oil

There are many other health and beauty benefits of using castor oil. Since you’ll be purchasing a fairly large bottle of it, it will last for several months. Most likely as you begin using it for skin care you’ll soon discover many other uses for it too. It can replace many other moisturizing cosmetics that you may have in your bathroom cabinet.

  1. Use it to help heal skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.
  2. Rub it over your toenails and feet to cure fungal infections such as athlete’s feet.
  3. Use it on chicken pox to help prevent scarring on your child’s face.
  4. Use it to soothe dry and peeling nail cuticles. It has antiseptic qualities if your fingertips are cracked and bleeding, while the moisture will soften up the dry skin.
  5. Use on your dry elbows or knees.
  6. Use on any dry patches on your skin.
  7. Use as a massage oil on sore or tired muscles. Essential oils may be added for additional healing benefits: peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender.
  8. Can be used to promote hair growth and soften and shine hair, and tame split ends.
  9. Use it to prevent stretch marks, and help heal stretch marks after losing a lot of weight or giving birth.
  10. Use to treat skin tags or warts.
  11. Use the oil to help easily remove makeup and cosmetics at bedtime.
  12. Rub into the scalp to help get rid of dandruff flakes and stop the fungus that causes this condition.
  13. Use it as a hair mask to help thicken hair and darken strands.
  14. Apply it to a sunburn to help speed healing.
  15. Use a tiny amount to sooth dry lips.
  16. The fatty acids inside the castor oil can help reduce scars.
  17. Use it to treat brittle nails.
  18. Use it to kill skin mite infestations.

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Achieve a Smooth & Clear Complexion Starting Now

Castor oil may cost a bit more than your average grocery store vegetable oil but you only need a few drops to do your daily skin treatments to help cure and prevent acne. One bottle of castor oil will last a long time. If you’ve had a look in the mirror recently and realized that you need to treat your skin for an acne or other problematic skin condition, start using castor oil for the face today, before your acne spreads, or worse, begins scarring your face.

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