Avocado Vitamin E Content – Health Benefits and Risks

Have you ever wondered about the benefits and risks of including avocados in your diet? If yes, then this post is tailor-made for you.

Avocados have been cultivated for many years around the world. Being a native fruit of Central America, initially, they were grown only on those parts. But as avocados health benefits went popular, more and more people started cultivating it. The primary contents of avocados include fats, vitamins, potassium, minerals, and fiber. The presence of monounsaturated fats makes it one of the best among superfoods.

Major vitamins present in avocados are Vitamin A, C, E, K1, and B6. Each vitamin has its benefits and risks.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant and is categorized into two types – Tocopherols and Tocotrienols. Each of these two categories has many variants. Of all the variants in Tocopherol, α-Tocopherol(alpha) is the most active in humans.

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Benefits of Vitamin E

Vitamin E has so many health benefits. No doubt, including foods having rich content of Vitamin E, will help improve your overall health.

  • As a powerful antioxidant, Vitamin E helps cells fight against infections and is essential for the smooth functioning of our immune system.
  • Aside from acting as a strong antioxidant, vitamin E is involved in certain enzymatic activities and inhibition of platelet aggregation. It also plays a role in certain neurological functions and helps fight inflammation.
  • Some researches have shown that Vitamin E is capable of preventing skin from excessive exposure to the sun and reduce the effects of UV radiation on the skin.
  • It is said that Vitamin E is capable of improving the health of eyes in many ways like prevention from cataracts and also can keep your eyes clean and healthy. To an extent, Vitamin E can also prevent the eyes from macular degeneration – a disease that could lead to limited visibility or total blindness!

Risks of Vitamin E

Though Vitamin E has numerous benefits, still an overdose of it involves some risk. So we should be conscious about how we integrate vitamin E rich foods in our diet. Some of the dangers involving over usage are:

  • Vitamin E can act as an anticoagulant and may increase the risk of bleeding. That can, in turn, lead to hemorrhage. But further research is needed on this.
  • A recent study shows that a higher dosage of vitamin E supplements may harm adult men by increasing their risk of prostate cancer.

Avocado has so many nutrients and vitamins, which, if used, cautiously could let you live a healthy life. Slowly more and more people are getting to know more about the benefits and advantages of this superfood.

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