20 Amazing Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair, Skin & Nails

In the past, many people only used to bathe once a week if they were lucky. Today’s soaps and cleansers are actually harsh to the skin and hair, stripping them of their natural oils.

A natural remedy such as argan oil can help to reverse the effects of over-shampooing hair, washing your hands too much, and generally having dry skin. It can even benefit people with oily skin, as oil glands are trying to over-compensate for having you wash too often. Argan oil can help to rebalance your skin’s natural balance.

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Five Helpful Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair

It can be difficult finding the right natural moisturizer for hair. Applying an oil should be simple, yet it should easily wash out the next morning, leaving hair soft but never greasy. It should also never weigh hair down, which may cause it to break. Argan oil can help to restore the balance of your scalp and hair.

  1. Hair conditioner. It can replace your regular hair conditioning products by keeping hair soft and smooth. Rub it into your hair and then rinse with warm water.
  2. Hair product replacement. You can use argan oil instead of hairspray or gels to keep your hair in place, but never looking greasy or powdery. It will prevent the wind from messing up the hair. It can be used to touch up hair during the day.
  3. Repair split ends. Argan oil can be used to repair split ends temporarily. It will decrease frizz and keep hair looking smooth. Apply it as needed.
  4. Promote hair growth. If it seems like it takes forever for your hair to grow, you can massage some oil into your scalp at nighttime. Place a towel over your pillow to protect it, and go to sleep. You can also wear a plastic shower cap if you think it won’t annoy you. In the morning, wash your hair normally. You may have to do this every night until you feel that your hair is growing at a natural rate.
  5. Leave-in conditioner. You can also apply a small amount as an effective leave-in conditioner that will never be oily or greasy. You can use extra oil to your hair at bedtime, as long as you remember you need to rinse it out in the morning.

Five Great Benefits of Argan Oil for Nails

Besides hair, argan oil is also useful for nails. Nails often take the brunt of our modern lives. Argan oil can help restore nails to make them look great again.

  1. No need for nail polish. Argan oil can make your nails look bright and shiny, without the need to use a clear top or base coat. Most men don’t want to wear nail polish anyway.
  2. Prevent peels and splits. Peels and splits only serve to weaken nails further, and it can be painful if you have to trim broken nails too short. Oil can help protect your nails while they grow back to a reasonable length again.
  3. Moisturizes cuticles. Cuticles are that harder region between nail and finger. Often cuticles will dry up and peel faster than any other part of the fingertip. They can also become unsightly over time. Argan oil can provide the moisture needed to help your nails look good.
  4. Speeds healing. Have you ever pushed too hard with your cuticle stick or gotten a paper cut? These tiny injuries can barely be seen, yet they can cause extreme pain. Argan oil will help protect your small injuries from allowing bacteria inside, while they speed more quickly than if you left them alone.
  5. Reverses dryness from over-using nail polish remover. Over time, using nail polish remover can strip the natural oils from your nails. Soon they look powdery and dry. You can apply argan oil and help restore them to a healthy-looking appearance.
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Five Incredible Benefits of Argan Oil for Skin

Argan oil has many benefits for the skin. It’s suitable for men and women and is free of artificial fragrances and additives. You’ll feel confident wearing a naturally-derived product on your face. It’s also safe to use on children, as they suffer their share of skin care issues too.

  1. Overnight moisturizer. Argan oil is easily absorbed into the skin, so it makes the perfect non-greasy facial moisturizer. It’s also safe to use around your eyes and won’t sting.
  2. Make an inexpensive skin toner. Use a green tea bag and hot water to make the liquid portion, then add two to four drops of argan oil. Apply with a cotton puff twice a day.
  3. Exfoliate. Mix a drop of argan oil with a tablespoon of sugar, and use it to exfoliate your face. Rinse off with water when done.
  4. Stop acne. The natural compounds in argan oil will not only rebalance your skin to create less sebum but decrease bacterial production, which can block pores.
  5. Reduce stretch marks. Argan oil can be directly rubbed onto stretch marks beginning immediately after the baby has been born.

Five Benefits of Argan Oil You May Never Have Considered

Argan oil may be your go-to product when your skin is dry or flaky, but it has other benefits too.

  1. Prevent or eliminate razor burn. You can add a drop of oil to your shaving cream and find your face and legs much more comfortable to shave. If you find that you have redness, razor burn, itch and bumps after shaving, you can also smooth argan oil over these regions to help them heal faster.
  2. Effective lip conditioner. The lips lack oil glands, which is why they become dry and chapped much faster than other regions of the body. Argan oil is useful for men or women who don’t like to wear heavy lip cosmetics. You can also mix some up with brown sugar and make a lip scrub to help remove dry, dead skin.
  3. Smooth, dry feet. Feet can suffer from dryness more than the rest of the body. Put a few drops of oil on the feet at bedtime and cover with socks.
  4. Decreases the unsightliness of scars. Rub a drop into each scar to help it to speed healing, or reduce the redness of old scars. Ideally, you’ll want to start it shortly after the formation of the injury, but it can be effective at lowering unsightly scars from years ago too.
  5. Take advantage of its antioxidants and omega-3 compounds. These can help to smooth out wrinkles, decrease age spots, and other fine lines on the face and the body.

You may wish to buy two or more bottles of argan oil as once you discover how useful it is for hair, skin, and nails. You’ll keep on thinking of new ways to use it to solve your body’s problematic skin issues. Purchase a bottle of argan oil and experience the benefits for yourself.

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