Tea Tree Oil for Dandruff – Learn How It Works!

If you are wondering what is that small white stuff which comes out of your head every now and then, we will give you a clue! It is nothing else but dandruffs, something that everybody might have experienced at some point of their lives. Dandruff occurs as part of shedding down of dead cells from the scalp, it can be disturbing when happens at a rapid rate. There are many remedial measures which we can make use of in getting rid of dandruffs like shampooing, hair moisturizers or cleanser etc. But the fact most of the available brands are not capable of effectively removing dandruffs. Well i am not here to discrete any shampoos or hair products, but to let you know how we can deal with dandruffs in a natural manner. One such effective natural remedy for dandruffs is using tea tree oil.

Why Tea Tree Oil?

Dandruff starts with sebum, oil produced by our body for keeping our hair and skin healthy and forms a protective barrier around the dermis. But excessive production of sebum might lead to acne and dandruffs. This happens due to the presence of malassezia, a yeast like fungus which can cause extreme skin cell growth. Once these cells dies, they become dandruffs.

tea tree oil for dandruff treatment

Tea tree oil has always been considered as an oil capable of fighting against dandruffs, because of their antifungal properties. The fact that tea tree oil was extensively used in olden days for the treatment of wounds and other infections speaks so much about its medicinal values. Some researches have proved that tea tree oil shampoo works much better than artificial shampoos.

How to use Tea Tree Oil for dandruff

Well oils are available in both organic and purest form, but it is only in the purest form of oil will the essential nutrients be present in adequate amount. So make sure you buy the purest form of tea tree oil from the drugstore. There are numerous ways through which you can use tea tree oil, but the most popular and easiest way will be to use them along with shampoo. The best thing will be to use a bottle to mix shampoo along with few drops of tea tree oil, ideally 1 drop of oil for 3ml of shampoo.

Things to remember

  • Choose a shampoo which is gentle in nature and without any kind of strong smell.
  • Make sure the mixture is in correct proportion, even the slightest change in quantity may reduce the effects.
  • After applying the mixture on hair, don’t try to rinse it off immediately as it might take some time for the oil to soak in completely.

Some of you might wonder, why do we mix the oil with shampoo? why can’t we apply them alone into the hair. But there is a reason, why tea tree oils needs to be diluted with the help of a shampoo before using. Tea tree oil is very strong in nature, so it can be risky to use them directly into the scalp. So it is always advisable to use them along with a carrier like shampoo. Now let’s see what are the effects of tea tree oil shampoo.

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo for Dandruff

Tea tree oil is found to have over 98 natural compounds. Having said that, the International Aromatherapy and Herb Association states that all the available tea tree shampoos might not be safe enough to use and the amount of tea tree oil may not be effective as it seems. A perfect tea tree shampoo will have a well balanced formula of all components which are capable enough of providing safety, quality and results at a faster rate.

Shampoos are found to be effective in getting rid of dandruffs, but sometimes even after using them on a regular basis there won’t be much of a change in the quantity of dandruffs. In such situations, it is advisable to use a stronger component along with shampoo. Tea tree oil is found to work well with almost all varieties of shampoos. Hence these days many companies have made tea tree oil, an important ingredient in their shampoos.

However not all shampoos having tea tree oil content is effective enough in getting rid of dandruffs, but a majority of them have been proven to stop dandruffs to an extend. Depending upon the stature of our skin and hair, the effectiveness of these shampoos might vary. So it is always good to try them in a small quantity and wait for a couple of days to see the results before applying them on a regular basis.

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has become an important part of many skin care products. The reason why they have been used extensively in face washers, lotions and dandruffs is because of the presence of natural contents capable of providing amazing benefits. Let’s have a look at its natural properties that helps in dealing with problems related to our skin and hair.

  • Treatment of acne : Strong antibacterial properties makes them a perfect home remedy for acne.
  • Promotes hair growth : A mix of tea tree oil along with another carrier oil can do wonders for the health of hair.
  • Curing dandruff : Few drops of tea tree oil with a good quality shampoo is found to be effective in getting rid of dandruffs.
  • Moisturizer for skin : Mixture of tea tree oil with a carrier like almond oil can provide lasting relief from skin related problems.
  • Foot care : Antibacterial and anti-fungal properties makes them a perfect foot care remedy capable of fighting against infections.

These are some of the many benefits provided by tea tree oil, it is their antiseptic properties that makes them a wonderful remedial measure for many of the skin related problems. However since tea tree oil is very strong and should not be tried directly into the skin or hair.

Over the years, tea tree oil has earned a reputation of being a natural oil with amazing medicinal values. Hence these days, they find themselves an active ingredient in most of the cosmetic products. We would like to know your thoughts and experiences of using tea tree oil. Please feel free to share your suggestions and feedback with us.


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