How Grapeseed Oil Can Be Used for Hair Growth

Grapeseed oil is, of course, the oil of grapes. It is usually extracted from the seeds that are typically discarded in the winemaking process. Grapeseed oil offers a lot of benefits and is a great way to use a by-product that would otherwise be wasted.

Grapeseed oil is edible and tastes slightly nutty. It is considered a polyunsaturated oil and is beneficial because of its linoleic acid content.

Grapeseed oil is safe, but some healthcare professionals advise that it should not be used for more than 12 weeks at a time. This is because of some side effects, such as elevated blood pressure, nausea, headache, and dizziness are possible with prolonged use. People who take an anticoagulant, cholesterol, or blood pressure drugs should talk to a doctor before starting a grapeseed oil treatment because this natural substance could interact with the medications in ways that are not beneficial.

grapeseed oil for hair

People who are allergic to grapes should be cautious in trying a grapeseed oil treatment, because they may also be allergic to the oil.

Grapeseed oil is available at most drug stores and health food stores. Tablets, oil, powder, and capsules are usually available. Cold-pressed organic is the ideal variety to choose, though it may be more expensive than chemically pressed oil.

Chemically extracted grapeseed oil is usually manufactured by subjecting the seeds to high heat, and certain chemicals. One of those chemicals is often the toxic solvent hexane. Chemically extracted grapeseed oil is still safe, but organically cold-pressed is of higher quality. If you would prefer to use cold-pressed grapeseed oil, then be sure to check the labels of any oil you buy. If it doesn’t specifically say it’s organic and cold-pressed, it was probably chemically extracted and isn’t what you want.

Benefits of using Grapeseed Oil for Hair

Grapeseed oil is an excellent choice for hair care because it contains a lot of vitamin E, which is necessary for hair growth and health. The abundant proteins, minerals, and the linoleic acid it contains also offer lots of benefits for hair.

Hot grapeseed treatment will help hair look shiny, but not feel greasy. It also helps moisturize the scalp to prevent dandruff. When it absorbs into the hair, it helps strengthen each strand from the roots, which helps prevent split ends, thinning, and breaking later on. It also smooths the cuticle and helps prevent frizz.

Grapeseed oil is mostly hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin, as long as there is no actual grape allergy present.

How To Use Grapeseed Oil for Hair

Patience is needed to see full results because grapeseed oil is not a quick fix. However, it is highly effective, even if a person has minor bald patches. Because it is odorless, colorless, and gentle, it should not affect your hair color.

  1. The first step is to create a proper mixture. Grapeseed oil does not require a complicated recipe. It can be used on its own or mixed with other essential oils of your choice. Lavender or rosemary are common essential oil choices. If other oils are added, they should be added at a ratio of one drop essential oil to 4tbsp of grapeseed oil. For best results, mix the solution in a small plastic bag, be sure the back is watertight, so you don’t wind up with a huge mess. Ensure you’ve mixed the essential oil in well if you are using it.
  2. Next, you will need to heat the mixture. The easiest way to do this is to place it in a sink full of hot water, don’t make the water so hot that the bag melts. Leave the bag in the water for several minutes.
  3. While you are waiting for the oil to warm up, wash your hair thoroughly with whatever shampoo you are used to using.
  4. Step four is to apply the grapeseed oil. Check the temperature of the oil to make sure it’s warm, but not so hot it’s going to burn your scalp. Applying is easiest if you gather your hair into the shape of a ponytail if it is long enough to do so. Then start adding oil at your roots and work it out toward the tips. Take your time and make sure your hair is thoroughly saturated with grapeseed oil. Take some time to massage some oil into your scalp, too, because your scalp can benefit from this type of treatment in the same way your hair can.
  5. Allow your hair to absorb oil for about twenty minutes. You can leave it uncovered or wrap your head in a towel that has been dampened with warm water.
  6. When the time is up, rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water. Then repeat the rinse with more lukewarm water.
  7. For maximum benefit, you should repeat this hot oil treatment twice a week. Allow your hair to dry as much as possible, ideally all the way, before you comb it because it will be vulnerable to breakage just after treatment. This means it’s best to do this treatment when you know you will be home for the day and have time to let it work.


Shiny, healthy hair is something everyone wants, but few people know how to get. Once you have mastered the art of treating your hair with grapeseed oil, you can share this phenomenon with all your friends and family. Although grapeseed oil has become more prevalent in recent history, it’s still something that a lot of people don’t know about.

Except for a few side effects that could result from consuming grapeseed oil or extract, this product is very safe to use. Topically there should be no side effects unless the user is allergic to grapes. If you are in doubt, always contact a doctor before beginning a treatment like this.

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