Coconut Oil for Eyelashes – Benefits and How to Use It

There’s a fine line between naturally long eyelashes, and eyelashes that are fake and overdone. Yet most women want thick long lashes that gently frame the eyes. Many resort to using mascara or fake eyelashes. There are problems with using either method. Mascara can run over time, and if it’s long-lasting, can be nearly impossible to remove, which causes eyelashes to break and dry out over time. Fake eyelashes need to be glued on with an adhesive, which may cause allergies and irritations to contact lenses wearers. Fake lashes can also look noticeably fake, and ridiculous.

There are other methods to growing lashes such as supplements, serums, and prescription products such as Latisse. But over time, they may do little more than deplete your wallet.

Many women also choose to go the eyelash extension route. Not only is this time-consuming, but many women don’t realize how scary and annoying it can be having someone attach hair to their eyelashes. Over time, these eyelash extensions can also cause your real lashes to fall out. And there is also the additional worry of eyelash extensions being incredibly expensive. It can add up if you choose to maintain eyelash extensions over the course of a year.

coconut oil for eyelashes

One of the best and natural ways to make your eyelashes look bolder and thicker is coconut oil. Coconut oil can be bought from almost any supermarket. It comes in a solid form in the cooking oil section of the store. One container will cost from $6 to $10, but be more than worth the investment. Look for organic coconut oil for extra benefits.

You can also purchase fractionated coconut oil, which is the liquid form of the oil. This is more useful for making into serum recipes to benefit the skin.

Coconut oil has a lightly scented coconut smell, and while it feels greasy, it doesn’t melt easily in the hand. Besides being good for your health, coconut oil is also good for your eyelashes.

Why Coconut Oil?

Most women who use coconut oil to enhance their lashes will directly apply it to their lashes. You’ll notice how fewer eyelashes will fall out, and the ones you have will start to grow thicker. They will also grow longer. You may soon be able to put away the mascara, which can irritate the hardiest of eyes, and throw out those false lashes that were nearly impossible to insert anyway.

You may have noticed that applying cosmetics around your eyes makes them red and irritated. Coconut oil is the best ingredient for using around your eyes. If oil gets into them, they will not be harmed. Your eyes won’t sting. If you overdo it, your vision may go blurry for a couple of minutes, but your eyes won’t be harmed.

Besides being safe to use around the eyes, coconut oil is good for your lashes for a variety of reasons. It provides natural moisturizer to your lashes, much like it does to your hair.

Coconut oil is filled with many compounds that are beneficial to the human body, notably a wide range of natural fatty acids, such as lauric, myristic, caprylic, and capric acid, which are all medium chain fatty acids, essential building blocks for every cell in the human body.

As coconut eye penetrates your eyelash follicles it can stimulate hair growth. It can also fight against issues such as dandruff or other fungal infections—yes, people can still get these on their lashes. Coconut oil will also work as a cosmetic, visibly making your eyelashes softy and shiny. It can also strengthen the lashes and prevent them from breaking or falling out, and promote growth.

Coconut oil is also non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog the pores of your skin.

Coconut Oil Eyelash Serum Recipe

Coconut oil provides a natural lubricant to your eyes. Have you ever read the list of ingredients on eye creams? Have you ever gotten cream in your eye and you’ve cursed the cosmetics manufacturer? Why do they make that stuff anyway? The good news is that you can make natural cosmetics, such as the coconut oil eyelash serum in your own home.

Ingredients You Need

You can easily purchase all of these ingredients from the supermarket, a vitamin and supplements store, or online.

  • One container of fractionated coconut oil—this is the liquid form of coconut oil—you won’t need the whole bottle but buy the smallest you can find.
  • One drop of lemon essential oil
  • One drop of lavender oil (Aura Cacia is a good brand)
  • One roller bottle with twist on lid (Aura Cacia is a good brand)

lavender oil


It’s very simple to mix all your ingredients together to make an effective eyelash serum. Pour your coconut oil into your roller bottle and fill up until 1/4 inch from the top of the bottle. Add one drop of lemon oil and one drop of lavender oil.

Push the roller lid onto the top of the bottle and screw on the lid. Shake it well. It’s now ready to use.

How to Apply It On Eyelashes

You’ll want to learn about the best way to apply coconut oil to your lashes, so you quickly realize the benefits of long lush lashes.

  • It’s best to use at bedtime, as it may be a bit greasy-looking for daytime usage.
  • Apply it to your eyelashes with the roller ball of the bottle. This keeps your eyes from becoming contaminated by touching with your fingers.
  • You may wish to blot your lashes with a dry clean cloth if too much oil is on your eyes.
  • Your lashes should feel moisturized, but there shouldn’t be any oil dripping into your eyes.
  • Do this right before lights off at bedtime.
  • Go to sleep.

Things You Need to Remember

  • Implement your new eyelash routine at bedtime.
  • Wash your face with coconut soap, rinse with water, and pat dry with a cloth.
  • Ensure your hands are clean too.
  • Apply a small amount of the serum to your eyelashes.
  • In the morning, wash your face normally, and apply makeup.
  • Skip any other eyelash product, mascara, or serum while using natural coconut oil.
  • This serum has the additional benefit of keeping your eyes moisturized, so you won’t need to apply any other eye cream at bedtime.
  • Apply your serum every night of the week. It’s okay if you skip the weekend.
  • Try to keep up the routine, but if you want a break, do it in the summer time when your skin may be naturally oily from the heat.

Other Beauty Secrets of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can be used for more than your eye lashes. It can be used for every part of your skin and hair. Many people use coconut oil to enhance dry, chemically-treated hair. It can be applied 15 to 30 minutes before bathing, and then shampooed out.

Coconut oil has great benefits for those who have eczema on their face. This condition can be embarrassing. It starts out with small blisters, then turns itchy and scaly as they dry up. Coconut oil can be applied from the beginning to decrease the length of time of the inflammation, and to also keep the unsightly dryness from getting out of control.

Coconut oil also makes a great natural skin moisturizer. Not only does it smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, but it can aid in the balance of healthy skin.

Coconut oil can be used to moisturize the cuticles surrounding your nails, particularly if they become dry and peeling over time.

Coconut oil is an excellent eye makeup remover. Yes you heard it right! It works well even on mascara! Dip a small cotton cloth and sweep it gently over your eyes. It will help to get rid of waxy make up and leave the delicate area more hydrated. Once you are done, wash off your face.

Coconut oil can do wonders on your dry hands. According to some researches, they are found to be effective in moisturizing your hands and keep it smooth and soft.

If you have a pet cat or dog who has dandruff on its back, you can safely rub some coconut oil into their skin to make it healthy again.

There are many other beauty treatments for you to try. When you buy a bottle of coconut oil to make your eyelash serum, you’re certain to find many other uses for it too.

Tips for Growing Longer Eyelashes

Here are some additional tips for growing longer, lusher eyelashes.

  • Avoid department store brands of eye cosmetic products.
  • Choose makeup that has naturally-derived ingredients.
  • Apply your eyelash serum nightly.
  • Toss out your old mascara—it grows bacteria over three months of time.
  • If you decide to use mascara for a special event, ensure you remove it all before bedtime. You can use your coconut oil serum as a mascara remover, apply with cloth, then rinse your eyes. Once you have removed it all, go ahead and apply your serum for bedtime.

Preventing Fallout of Lashes

There will be many reasons why eyelashes might begin to disappear or fall out. Most of the time, these problems are due to the weakening of skin tissues around the eyes. In the long run, this may lead to sloppy skin which will make it hard for eyelashes to stick well.

To a great extend we can limit this, by using a combination of coconut oil along with other carrier oils.

The best method will be to mix up a combination of grape seed oil and castor oil along with coconut oil. After applying this mixture onto eyelashes, wait for about 1 hour before washing off. Make sure you do this on a routine basis, at least for a couple of weeks.

Now let us see what are the major side effects caused by excessive use of coconut oil.

Side Effects of Coconut Oil

When used in moderate amount, they are unlikely to cause any kind of side effects or interactions.

Rarely coconut oil is found to cause allergic reactions and some skin disorders. Having said that it is a very rare phenomenon and causes side effects only on those who are hypersensitive.

How to Choose Best Quality Coconut Oil?

As we know coconut oil is full of good saturated fats and antioxidants. They are versatile and one of the most ancient among essential oils. But how do you choose the best and most healthy coconut oil? How do you know whether to buy a refined or unrefined oil?

Refined version of coconut oils do not have the same health benefits as that of pure version, but they are a great source of fatty acids. Most of the coconut oils available in grocery stores are refined versions unless it is specified on the label.

best coconut oil

Unrefined version of coconut oil is usually labelled as virgin. They are usually made from the first pressing of fresh, raw coconut without the addition of any kinds of chemicals.


Eyelashes are one of the most neglected part of our face. We take note of them only when they starts getting thinner. Women irrespective of their ages are self conscious about having thin eyelashes. Long and thick eyelashes are a dream of every women and they are ready to spend any amount of money for achieving that. But as we have seen, there are natural methods who are equally effective if not more! Using natural ingredients are not only safe, but they don’t cause any sorts of eye irritations.

If you have ever tried coconut oil as a natural remedy for growing eyelashes, share with us your experiences by leaving a comment below.


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