5 Proven Tips To Protect Your Skin This Summer

Are you worried that this summer will take away the beauty of your skin? It is a common fact that scorching sun will create damage to our skin and will make it look dull and thin. Summer is the time when you need to wear all those dresses that you had put away during winter. But prolonged exposure to sun rays brings with it a fair share of skin related problems.

skin protection during summer

So today, we bring you five tips to keep your skin healthy and fresh during this summer season.

1. Exfoliate

While proper cleaning of the skin is always beneficial for maintaining the health and stature of skin, exfoliating your skin on a routine basis, especially in the summer season, can rejuvenate the skin. Exfoliation is found to be a perfect solution for lightening up sunspots and other marks.

Proper exfoliation allows the skin to undergo an appropriate moisturization and stay healthy. This works fine with makeup and also along with sunscreens. Routine exfoliation of the face will keep the makeup to hold on smoothly and will also aid sunscreen in protecting your face from harmful sun rays. Regardless of the weather, our body will shed skin cells, so it is important to scrub them off to prevent the skin from appearing dull and dry.

2. Hydrate

Every day we lose a considerable amount of fluids from our body through processes like breathing, perspiration, etc. In summer days, this loss of fluid quantity will increase by a fair distance. This can affect the freshness of our skin and face in particular. In such situations, it is critical to keep your skin hydrated utilizing moisturizers, as they are found to work well even on oily skins. As the temperature increases, it is better to use lighter lotions.

If you are looking for a natural remedy, then you have plenty of natural oils that have very high moisturizing capability. Like for example, avocado oil, jojoba oil, and castor oil have all been found to have excellent moisturizing powers.

3. Sunscreen

Unlike you are staying indoors on summer days, it is always a wise thing to carry sunscreen with you. Sunscreen will work effectively when you follow the below steps.

  • At least 30 minutes before heading outdoors, make sure you put on the sunscreen.
  • Make sure you apply them throughout your body, especially ears, head, and hands.
  • Even waterproof sunscreens may not be effectively waterproof, so it is advisable to apply them in high quantity.
  • Be sure to check the expiry date of sunscreens, as once they cross that date, there will be a massive dip in its effectiveness.

It is easy to forget everything about skincare in the summer days, especially when you are enjoying the holidays. Always make sure you pick a sunscreen that has an SPF higher than or equal to 50 as they are found to be effective in shielding the harmful rays of the sun.

4. Water

Water is found to carry away the heat from your body like internal organs, thus preventing them from severe damages that can lead to heatstroke or even death. During summer days, it is the heat that travels through the bloodstream to the skin leading to extreme sweating. Once sweat evaporates, it allows you to cool off, thus helps in maintaining optimum body temperature.

Water intake should be directly related to the amount of water which is lost. Loss of body fluid can adversely affect our health. Even with two percentage of water loss could lead to severe fatigue and cardiovascular problems.

Tips for Hydration

  • Drink water depending on how thirsty you are.
  • Always keep a check of water loss; the color of urine can be a good indication for this.
  • Make sure you consume enough amount of water before getting out in summer.
  • It is also advisable to include fruits and vegetables in diet during the summer season, as all of them provide water content in some way or the other.

The chances of getting dehydrated during the summer days are very high. Hence you should increase the level of water intake at that time. If your body doesn’t get enough water, it will take moisture from hair and skin, thus making them look dull and dry. So drinking water is crucial.

5. Toner

Though it is essential to take care of your skin irrespective of weather, it is during summer that your skin needs a bit of extra attention. The chances of getting dirt, oil, and clog on the face are very high in summer. The best way to deal with them is to use an effective toner which is capable of removing dirt and oil traces.

They are also capable of binding moisture into the skin, thus making it fresh and cool. Many chemical toners can act as a protective layer for skin from harmful sun rays. And if natural toner is what you are looking for, then rose water is something you can consider. The natural cooling properties of rose water makes them ideal in soothing off irritated and overexposed skin.

Summer season is the time for outing and picnics, an occasion you wouldn’t want to spoil because of skin-related issues. So make sure you take proper care of your skin before getting out. Hope you have enjoyed reading these tips, do let us know your experiences on trying out these tips.

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