25 Fabulous Ways To Achieve Long, Thick and Healthy Hair

healthy hair

Hair plays an essential role in the beauty concepts of both women and men. It is one of the fastest-growing cell bodies in our body.

These days, a healthy lifestyle can be challenging to follow, especially when everybody is busy with their lives. We often forget the fact that what we eat and drink has a significant influence on the quality of our hair.

Here we will be revealing 25 tips you can make use of if you want to achieve long, thick, and healthy hair.

  1. Use oil only in optimal quantity. Oil has a moisturizing effect. Too much oil in your hair can bring dust in your hair. So oil your hair only once in a week.
  2. Henna is an excellent hair conditioner. Henna or otherwise known as Mehandi, is not only a natural herbal powder but also an excellent anti-dandruff agent. It helps to keep your hair strong, shiny, and healthy.
  3. Use combs having wider teeth. Wide-tooth combs also give you a massaging effect, which will increase faster your hair growth. Brush your hair slowly. Otherwise, it may damage your hair. Never comb when your hair is wet.
  4. Avoid chemical processes like coloring, perming, and bleaching. Nature has given us everything for our needs, not for our greed. So try to use natural products. Otherwise, it may cause more harm than good.
  5. Regular use of shampoos can make your hair dry. Choose the right shampoo for your hair.
  6. Oil massage helps to improve blood circulation. Oil massaging reduces your stress. Moreover, it gives you a cooling effect.
  7. Prefer natural products. Boil water and add 5 teaspoons of tea powder. Cool it and wash your hair using this water. This will help you to achieve awesome shiny hair.
  8. Opt for a healthy diet. Include food items containing proteins and minerals in your diet. This consists of egg, milk, soybean, nuts, meat, dairy products, etc. Additionally, include legumes and grains in your diet.
  9. Lime juice magic. Lime juice is an excellent cleansing agent. Washing hair using lime juice once every week help you to have thick hair. It can also help us to get rid of lice.
  10. Apply oil in your scalp before using shampoos. After shampooing, wash your hair in lukewarm water after adding one teaspoon honey. This will help you to achieve healthy, shiny hair.
    tips for long hair
  11. Go for a healthy routine. Smoking, Alcoholism, frequent use of hair dryers will affect your hair in the wrong way. Never dry your hair artificially using an electronic hairdryer. This will increase the chances of hair breakage. Let your hair air dry.
  12. Avoid fast foods and sugars. Our diet plays a vital role in our health. Too much use of fried foods and sugars may hamper your hair. It can even make you bald.
  13. Impact of stress. Stress and strains in your daily life affect your hair also.
  14. Know the benefits of coconut. Using coconut milk to wash your hair will help you to prevent hair loss. Coconut oil has both antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Applying coconut oil in your hair will give you a cooling and moisturizing effect, which reduces scalp sweating.
  15. Wash your hair twice a day during summer.
  16. Forget premature graying of hair. The deficiency of vitamin B rich foods is the main reason for premature gray hair. Eat vitamin B enriched foods like carrot, watermelon, beetroot, etc. Red-colored fruits and vegetables contain vitamin B.
  17. If you have dry or brittle hair, use conditioner shampoos having pH less than seven (pH<7).
  18. Washing hair in a high amount of chlorine-containing water will cause hair loss.
  19. Avoid using artificial hair dye. Use henna to dye your hair instead of synthetic hair dyes. Most of the herbal hair dyes available in the market nowadays are not herbal!
  20. Drink at least ten glasses of water daily.
  21. Sleep well. Sufficient sleep will boost your hair growth. Sleep up to 7-8 hours daily. It can even reduce the premature graying of hair.
  22. Treat dandruff. Take an equal amount of olive oil and coconut oil. Add some lime juice to it. Apply this mixture gently on your hair. It’s one of the effective ways to cure dandruff.
  23. Too much coffee and tea hinder your hair growth.
  24. To reduce premature graying of hair include more curry leaves in your diet.
  25. Avoid jams, synthetic soft drinks, sweets, pickles, etc. This may hamper not only your hair but also your health.

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